April 2021 Monthly Horoscopes

Powering Forward

You are in for a treat this month, with the sun and Venus in your sign highlighting all that is positive about you. And with chatty Mercury entering Aries on April 3, you’ll have the right words to match your ambitions and share your ideas.

The coming weeks sparkle with promise. And the new moon in your sign on the eleventh can be the key to an exciting and positive year ahead. This is the time to set your intentions and write down your goals, because this can pave the way for you to accomplish them.

Mars, your personal planet, is in Gemini until April 23, so you can easily impress others with your brilliant conversation and witty banter. But because you thrive on new situations and are something of a pioneer, your actions can speak even louder. Others will see you as someone who is willing to take risks to accomplish great things.

When sweet Venus moves into earthy Taurus on the fourteenth, it’s an opportunity to get out of your head and in sync with your body. If you’ve been using a lot of mental energy, take the time to relax, get a massage, walk in nature, and ground yourself. You’ll feel all the better for it.

The sun enters Taurus on April 19, bringing an opportunity to build on and grow your ideas. If you’ve done the groundwork, this next phase can be rewarding.

Dynamic Mars moves into Cancer and your home zone on the twenty-third for a stay of six weeks, so you might be concerned with home and family matters and protecting and nurturing those close to you.

Finally, there is a supermoon in Scorpio on April 26 that can supercharge your desires and empower them with a special magic. This potent lunar phase also has a sting in the tail, so try not to overreact if any drama should kick off.

A Time of Growth

Your inner and spiritual life is very much in focus until April 19, making this a time of completion as you tie up loose ends. It’s also an opportunity to get rid of any emotional baggage and find closure on issues that have bugged you for some time. If you need inspiration, take note of your dreams. They could be a fount of creative ideas and guidance.

The new moon in this zone on the eleventh is perfect for kick-starting a spiritual practice that can transform your life from the inside out. It might be meditation, yoga, or daily mindfulness. You might enjoy journaling or writing down and interpreting your dreams.

As lovely Venus, your personal planet, sashays into your sign on April 14, you could fall in love with yourself all over again. This delectable planet encourages you to connect with friends, reach out to others on your wavelength, and consider a makeover if you feel like it.

The focus shifts even more to your sign as talkative Mercury and the sun move in on the nineteenth, bringing a sense of coming home. You can be completely yourself and indulge in those things you love to do. The coming four weeks are all about rediscovering yourself and having an opportunity to celebrate your sterling qualities. What or who interests you the most? This is the time to explore further.

On April 23, feisty Mars moves into emotional Cancer where it can stir up feelings that may have been pushed beneath the surface. Your emotions can be a major driver in your decision-making, but should you trust them? Engaging both head and heart might be wiser.

Finally, to top off the month there’s a supermoon in Scorpio and your sector of relating on the twenty-sixth. This could be an intense time, especially for a key relationship. Try to avoid doing or saying anything on the spur of the moment that you could come to regret later.

The Right Connections

As April gets underway, you’ll be ready to liaise with others for work, pleasure, and romance. Brainy Mercury joins the sun and Venus in your social zone, so you’ll benefit from making valuable new connections. Opportunities can become more available and doors can open the more you get involved or enhance your social media presence.

A new moon in Aries on April 11 makes this a great time for any new beginnings and a chance to explore the potential to make a long-term dream come true. Because this new moon takes place in your social sector and zone of powerful wishes, you might be ready to forge valuable connections, move in new circles, or accomplish something big.

Lovely Venus moves into Taurus and a private sector on the fourteenth, so it’s time to turn your attention to yourself. If there are issues in your life that have left you feeling guilty or bad about yourself, talking to a teacher or life coach could help you overcome this. They may enable you to see such matters from a more empowering perspective, which would certainly help.

On April 19, the sun and lively Mercury, your personal planet, move into Taurus and this same secluded and spiritual zone. During the coming weeks, the cosmos encourages you to jettison any emotional baggage. Those issues that are dragging you down aren’t meant to hang around forever. This is your chance to find closure and be free of them for good.

Dynamic Mars moves into Cancer and your personal financial sector on the twenty-third, encouraging you to be proactive concerning any issues that have been urgent for some time.

Finally, there is a powerful supermoon in Scorpio and your lifestyle sector on April 26. If you have been feeling overwhelmed by your schedule, this lunar phase might inspire you to jettison anything that isn’t working for you.

Desire Realized

The sun continues in Aries and your sector of goals and ambitions until April 19, so it’s time to strut your stuff. Let go of whatever has been holding you back and, if necessary, hog the limelight so others can’t fail to notice how skilled and talented you are.

Articulate Mercury moves into Aries on the third, and this communicative planet encourages you to reach out to others who share your personal and professional goals. You can benefit from these interactions.

There’s more, too, because a new moon in feisty Aries on April 11 can give you a powerful push in the right direction. If you’re ready to launch a business, start a new job, or close a deal, this lunar phase can help build the momentum and bring rewards.

The focus gradually shift to peaceful Taurus as lovely Venus moves in on the fourteenth, enhancing your friendships and group relationships. This sensual influence can also be helpful in your search for love and romance.

The emphasis on your social zone increases when convivial Mercury and the sun move into Taurus on April 19. Getting involved in team or community projects can be a positive and powerful learning experience that proves very rewarding.

Your courageous side may come to the fore as dynamic Mars moves into your sign on the twenty-third for a stay of around six weeks. Its presence here can boost your resolve concerning ideas and projects that you’re eager to start. However, you could also be more defensive than usual because pushy Mars in your sign can work in a subtler way.

Finally, a powerful supermoon in magnetic Scorpio on April 26 highlights relationships and can add extra sizzle to a long-term partnership or promising romance. If you’re thinking of making a deeper commitment, be sure this relationship is right for you before you take the plunge.

Seeker Mode

The search is on! As April gets underway, the focus on your sector of travel and adventure intensifies as quicksilver Mercury joins luscious Venus and the radiant sun. This is your opportunity to step out of the known and take a leap of faith. What do you most want to accomplish? Whether you want to get a degree or qualification, learn a language or new skill, travel, or publish a book, this is the time to start.

The new moon in Aries on April 11 is the time to kick-start your plan. You don’t have to make great strides immediately, but holding your intention and taking those first few steps can be enough to whet your appetite.

With dynamic Mars in Gemini and your social zone until the twenty-third, you have plenty of support from others. This can be an excellent time to network and make positive connections.

The emphasis gradually shifts to the sign of Taurus and your sector of career and responsibilities. Lovely Venus moves in on April 14, followed by thoughtful Mercury and the sun five days later. It’s time to do what you do best and that is promote yourself, your business, and your talents.

Assertive Mars moves into Cancer and a spiritual zone on the twenty-third, so your dreams may become more vivid and your intuition could be spot-on. Issues that have been pushed beneath the surface might show up, encouraging you to face up to them, resolve them, and find closure. There is no need to do this alone. If you need help, ask for it.

Finally, there’s a supermoon in your home zone on April 26, and feelings could come to a head. This can be an opportunity to clear the air, but with the energies being so intense, any exchanges could lead to a disconnect. A sensitive approach might be needed.

The Big Picture

It’s time to dive deep, let go of whatever no longer serves you, and get ready for a rebirth. The things you release now, especially those that have been preventing your progress, could open a door to exciting new developments.

If you need to talk, this is a great time to get difficult issues off your chest and resolve them for good. The sun and lovely Venus in a deeply emotional zone can pave the way for some healing discussions. And with celestial body Chiron also in this zone, you may have been working on such matters already or at least be very aware of them, which can contribute to a desire for a solution.

The new moon on April 11 brings an opportunity to kick-start a new phase: out with the old and in with the new. Get moving now and you’ll be carried along by the moon tide to a new destination.

The focus gradually shifts to an outward-looking sector as Venus moves into Taurus on the fourteenth, followed by quicksilver Mercury and the radiant sun five days later. This is a time when you might want more out of life and be eager to explore new options. This could be a challenge, but it’s a worthwhile one.

Whether you want to learn a language, gain a new skill, or find other ways to explore the world, this is one of the best times to make a start. Ease yourself out of your comfort zone and greet the new world that awaits you.

Finally, with a supermoon in Scorpio and your sector of talk and thought on April 26, an issue that has been kept a secret could come out into the open. The upshot could be that certain people are surprised and even shocked. But this is better in the long run. The resulting discussions could pave the way for a healing solution.

In This Together

It’s time to smooth over any difficulties and find a way forward. As the month gets underway, the sun and harmonious Venus are both moving through your sector of relating. This is a great opportunity to reach out to others you haven’t heard from in a while, spend quality time with your partner, and liaise with clients, co-workers, and others you connect with on a daily basis.

Romantic prospects are also present, and with the new moon in feisty Aries on April 11, also highlighted are opportunities for new beginnings in a key bond or getting involved in a completely new relationship.

Talkative Mercury enters the same sector on the third, and its presence here can highlight developments in relationships and encourage teamwork through good communication.

Lovely Venus, your guide planet, moves into Taurus and a more intense zone on April 14 and a new phase gets underway. Emotions may be stronger than usual, and you could become aware of feelings about certain people or situations that you didn’t know you had. This trend will increase as talkative Mercury and the sun move into Taurus on the nineteenth. Still, this is a great time to move forward by tackling any issues with a sensitive and gracious approach.

There has been little action in your career zone for some while, so you’ll be heartened by the movement of fiery Mars into Cancer and your sector of goals and ambitions on April 23. If you’re ready to soar, the coming six weeks or so can be a great opportunity to push ahead with your plans.

There’s a powerful supermoon in Scorpio on the twenty-sixth putting your financial axis in focus, and this could encourage you to splurge. Perhaps what you really need is a deeper connection to someone who can leave you feeling loved and cherished.

Golden Opportunities

If you need to come to grips with your lifestyle, the sun in your sector of work and routine encourages you to take a closer look at how your days pan out and how you might improve on them. If you want a better job, more time to relax, and an opportunity to do more of what you want, the cosmos suggests that getting your priorities in order, setting goals, and reorganizing your schedule could set in motion the process of change.

Logical Mercury moves into this same sector on April 3, so use this influence to plan ahead and decide exactly what you want.

And if you’re ready to launch a business or let go of a bad habit and embrace a more positive one, then the new moon in Aries on the eleventh is the time to make a start. Don’t settle for second best when your lifestyle could be so much better with some clever thinking and timely action.

Gradually, though, relationships come into focus as lovely Venus moves into Taurus on April 14, followed by talkative Mercury and the sun five days later. With electric Uranus already in this same zone, certain connections may have proven unreliable. This month, you and key others could get along much better, and if there was ever a trust issue, this could begin to resolve. Plus, if an important relationship has fractured, it could now begin to heal.

Are you ready for something more exciting? Feisty Mars moves out of a more intense zone and into Cancer and your sector of new discoveries on the twenty-third. You could feel lighter and brighter, as though a weight has lifted from your shoulders.

Finally, the supermoon in your sign on April 26 could coincide with the completion of a project or a decision to let go of something that no longer works for you.

A Time of Growth

Sagittarius, leisure activities may be a priority as the month gets underway. If you have a chance to get out and about more often, you’ll go for it. With the sun and sizzling Venus in Aries—and chatty Mercury as of April 3—the accent is on physical activities, new adventures, and anything else that allows you to express your spontaneous side. Whether you prefer competitive sports or solo pastimes, you’ll be very eager to dive in.

The new moon in Aries on the eleventh is great for starting a new hobby, learning a new skill, or beginning a new enterprise. And if a romance is showing promise, you might want to take things to the next stage at this time.

Feisty Mars continues in your sector of relating until April 23, so cooperation and teamwork continue to be important. And you can accomplish so much more if you’re willing to collaborate with another rather than try to go it alone.

The focus gradually shifts to your sector of work and wellness as sweet Venus moves in on the fourteenth, followed by brainy Mercury and the sun five days later. The coming weeks bring an opportunity for positive growth around your personal goals, your job, and your well-being. Whatever you put your mind to can be enhanced and start to flourish.

Dynamic Mars moves into Cancer and a more intense zone on April 23 and remains here for around six weeks. This could coincide with a time of change and transformation. You could be much more in tune with your emotions, making this a good time to connect with a therapist or counselor if necessary. They can help you work through any issues and release any blocked feelings that may be getting in the way of your success.

Finally, with a potent supermoon in a private zone on the twenty-sixth, a powerful insight could change your perspective.

Homey Plans

Do you want to get your place shipshape, Cap? The first three weeks of this month might inspire you to have a go. Whether you want to give your walls a fresh coat of color or key rooms a whole new look, you’ll be eager to get a move on. And if you need a little help, there are endless websites with exciting ideas that can be created on a budget.

The new moon in Aries and your domestic zone on April 11 could be a good time to make a start. Get into decluttering mode first, then get moving on the decorating and DIY tasks. Are you thinking of introducing a new pet into the family? Put this suggestion to family members now and see what they think.

Lovely Venus sashays into your romance sector on the fourteenth, which means it’s time to indulge in the pleasures of life. What do you enjoy doing most? Whatever it is, dive in and experience it with all your senses and it will bring you alive.

The focus on your leisure zone is enhanced when dealmaker Mercury and the radiant sun move hand in hand into Taurus on April 19. This can be a dynamic time when you can benefit from promoting your skills and talents, whether they’re linked to art, crafts, music, or your entrepreneurial ability. Whatever it is, this is the time to let everyone know what you can do because the response could be tremendous.

Relationships could become more turbulent as potent Mars moves into Cancer on the twenty-third. This is an opportunity to clear the air, which might not be as easy as it should be. Someone may not be ready to be honest with you.

Finally, the supermoon in intense Scorpio on April 26 could highlight a blossoming relationship. It might also be the right time to let one association gently fall away.

Sharing Your Message

As sobering Saturn and jovial Jupiter continue to move through your sign, they give you street cred and inspire you to take your goals seriously. Whatever you hope to accomplish, you have everything you need to do well. And with a positive emphasis on networking, communication, and getting your message out to the world, this is a time when you can flourish.

Quick-talking Mercury moves into Aries on April 3, and this can also spur you on to learn, connect, write, journal, and teach. Are you ready to showcase your skills? Now is the time.

The new moon in Aries on the eleventh can be great for launching and marketing a blog, website, product, or business idea. Make a start now, and as the moon waxes, so the momentum will begin to build.

There is a gentle shift to your home zone, which begins as sweet Venus moves into Taurus on April 14. This is followed by talkative Mercury and the sun on the nineteenth. If you’ve been busy, then the coming weeks offer the chance of a respite and the opportunity to nurture yourself. From this deeply subjective state, your perspective on life’s key issues could shift.

Assertive Mars moves into Cancer and your sector of work and wellness on April 23, so it’s time to take a closer look at how your life is panning out. What small changes can you make to shift things in the direction you want to go? Small adjustments might work better than sweeping changes because you’ll be more inclined to stick with them. They can lead to surprisingly big results.

There is a further development with a supermoon in Scorpio and your sector of goals and career on the twenty-sixth, which could put you in the spotlight. Avoid overreacting, because others will notice. Act with integrity and you’ll be rewarded.

Knowing Your Worth

Pisces, finances and a desire to get your money working harder for you could be a major focus until April 19. With the sun and luscious Venus in your sector of income and shopping, you might be more eager to spend as well as save.

Even so, with celestial body Chiron also in this sector, you might be ready to look into a money issue that has bugged you for some time, particularly around the ninth when chatty Mercury aligns with this healing asteroid.

However, with the new moon in your cash-flow sector on April 11, it would be worth taking advantage of any opportunity to turn over a new leaf. If something needs to shift, and you’re ready to take that step forward, this is a great time to set your intentions and make a start.

As the month gathers pace, your sector of talk and thought comes into focus as lovely Venus moves in on the fourteenth, followed by articulate Mercury and the sun five days later. This is an opportunity to liaise with those you haven’t seen in a while and perhaps consider a reunion.

Aside from this, you might be eager to expand a blog, Internet business, or website so it can earn you some passive income. You could do very well in this regard if you put your mind to it.

There is a change of tack when dynamic Mars moves into Cancer and your sector of leisure and pleasure on April 23. When the red planet powers into this zone, it can stir up creative leanings and encourage you to indulge in those hobbies and pastimes that you truly enjoy.

In addition, with a supermoon in Scorpio and your sector of adventure and learning on the twenty-sixth, you might be inspired to take up a challenge or opportunity that could transform your life.

What’s your sign and how are you using the stars to strategize your month?

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