Your Monthly March 2021 Horoscope

Strategize your week according your monthly astrological predictions. Use the influence of the stars to shine bright where you were destined to.

This month begins with the sun in a spiritual and reflective zone until March 20. Last month was fairly hectic, but the coming weeks bring a chance to mull over all that has happened, come to some conclusions, find some answers, and tie up loose ends.

In fact, as fiery Mars moves into Gemini on the third, this can be a great time to start journaling as a way to make the most of the year ahead. Whatever occurs to you in meditation, this is the time to write it down. Journal about anything and everything, including your goals and desires, and you could be surprised by how things pick up and problems get solved.

The new moon on March 13 can be helpful for taking up a spiritual practice or creating a daily schedule that enables you to live to your full potential. And with chatty Mercury moving into Pisces on the fifteenth, you’ll be more in tune with your feelings and spiritual guidance and able to make wise decisions.

The sun glides into your sign on the twentieth for a four-week stay, so you may soon feel a surge of energy that can assist you with getting key projects off the ground. You could feel more fired up in general.

And with sultry Venus entering your sign the next day, you’ll have the attractor factor too. The combination of the sun and sweet Venus could inspire you to reach out to others for support, friendship, and networking purposes.

The full moon in Libra and across your relationship axis on March 28 brings your feelings into the open where it might be difficult to ignore them. In fact, this isn’t such a bad thing because it enables you to know what’s going on beneath the surface. It could give you some vital clues, especially in a relationship situation.

The sun and friendly Venus in your social sector bring opportunities for greater connection and linking up with kindred spirits. The weeks until the twentieth are perfect for reaching out to others who share your ideas and ideals, joining groups, and enhancing your network of contacts.

And with a bright new moon on March 13, you might be ready to make a long-held dream of yours come true. This is the perfect time to take those first steps. And you don’t need to do it alone because others will be there to support you if you ask.

There is another shift as feisty Mars leaves your sign and moves into Gemini and your sector of finance and values on the third. The coming six weeks can be your opportunity to resolve any urgent issues or take action if you’ve been procrastinating.

Plus, lively Mercury will be in Pisces from March 15 to April 3, adding its communicative and curious qualities to the mix.

The sun’s move into Aries on the twentieth, followed by sweet Venus the next day, takes you into a quieter and more self-contained phase. The coming four weeks are your chance to reflect on how happy you are with your life and how you might improve on things. Set your priorities and clear the slate of unfinished business so that you’ll be ready to move ahead unencumbered when the sun enters your sign next month.

Lovely Venus in a private zone encourages you to take time to look after and nurture yourself. If you don’t do this very often, now is your chance. The happier you are, the more you can contribute to the world.

Finally, the full moon in your lifestyle zone encourages you to take stock, especially if you feel overwhelmed. If you need to jettison certain activities, now is the time to do so.

The sun in a prominent zone of your chart is your invitation to shine. The focus on your sector of goals and responsibilities could find you eager to increase your contribution to your job, business, or community projects. You might be in the limelight, and this is your chance to showcase your best assets and let others see you in action.

When assertive Mars moves into your sign on March 3 for a stay of around six weeks, your interest in new ideas and connecting with others, and your curiosity about many things, can increase. This can be a time of advancement through the gathering of information and networking.

The new moon in your career zone on the thirteenth is a great opportunity to ring in the changes by taking action regarding a plan or goal. If you have a vision of how you’d like your life to be and what you could contribute to the world, this is a chance to get things moving.

And as Mercury, your guide planet, moves into Pisces on March 15, you’ll have more of a platform to share your ideas and opinions.

The sun moves into Aries and your social zone on the twentieth, so you’ll be inclined to take your networking efforts more seriously. The coming weeks bring a chance to be proactive when it comes to making new connections, joining relevant groups, and linking up with kindred spirits.

Lovely Venus moves in the next day, so there is an opportunity to add charm and grace to your interactions. And if you’re looking for love, there are ample chances to connect with someone who clicks with you.

Finally, the full moon in your romance zone on March 28 could find you brimming with feelings and ready to share them with someone you care about.

You might be ready to try something new. The sun in your sector of exploration until March 20 encourages you to be bold and step out of your comfort zone. If you feel limited by your beliefs, this is the time to think outside the box. Doing so could give you much more scope to expand your potential.

If you’re ready for a fresh start, the new moon in Pisces on the thirteenth can be a stepping-off point to an opportunity that might change your life. Making a move now can ensure that you catch the moon tide and make good progress.

Plus, as assertive Mars moves into Gemini and a more private zone on March 3, deeper elements of your psyche may be stirred up. This can bring powerful dreams, intuitive nudges, and greater awareness of those issues that need closure.

Lively Mercury moves into Pisces on the fifteenth, enhancing your curiosity and inspiring you to delve into areas that have interested you for some time.

If you’re ready to take center stage, the sun’s move into Aries on March 20, followed by Venus the next day, can boost career options and business plans and add momentum to those important goals. If you’re ready to make a big splash, this blend of energies can gift you with the charm and people skills to take things to the next level. In addition, reaching out and socializing with those on your wavelength or who share your professional goals can bring even more opportunities your way.

However, with chatty Mercury squaring off with feisty Mars on the twenty-third, you may be uncertain what you believe about something. Listen to your gut and all will be well.

Finally, the full moon in your home zone on March 28 is an opportunity to nurture yourself and give something back to yourself, especially if you’re feeling a little bit depleted.

You’re on a roll, and it looks like being around other people is helping you get your act together. “The more the merrier” may have been your motto last month. This month, you might need some quiet time to reflect on all that has happened and draw a few conclusions.

The sun in a private and emotional zone until March 20 brings an opportunity to look deeper and consider what you want rather than go with the expectations of others. Plus, you might be ready to give your finances and business a going over and make a few key decisions.

The new moon on the thirteenth is perfect for a fresh start. If you’re launching a product or starting a savings plan, go for it now.

In addition, fiery Mars moves into your social sector on March 3 and stays for around six weeks. This could find you eager to enhance your social media presence and network in general.

A lighter mood could overtake you as the sun moves into Aries and your exploration and adventure zone on the twentieth. The coming four weeks could find you ready to take on new opportunities and uncover fresh possibilities.

And with luscious Venus moving in the next day, there is also the potential for connecting with someone who brings out your spirit of adventure. If you’re involved in a long-distance relationship, the weeks ahead could find you drawing even closer and perhaps arranging to meet whenever appropriate.

The full moon on March 28 highlights your sector of communication, so it would pay to watch your words. Something you say could cause a reaction or misunderstanding when it would be so easy to avoid it. Know that others may be more sensitive than usual on this day, so take extra care in any key discussions.

The sun’s presence in your relationship sector until March 20, along with sultry Venus, is an opportunity to iron out any wrinkles. If you and your partner, friend, or business associate have had any issues, this is a good time to look more deeply into them and find a compromise that works for both of you.

However, with a focus on the dreamy sign of Pisces, it can also be about defining the relationship and your role within it. This alone could make quite a difference.

Assertive Mars moves into Gemini and your sector of goals and career on the third, putting you on a new and more positive trajectory over the coming weeks.

The new moon in Pisces on March 13 is perfect for a new beginning. Whether you’re ready to make amends or are starting a project or collaboration, this is a chance to take positive steps that can be mutually rewarding.

Chatty Mercury, your ruler, moves into Pisces on the fifteenth and encourages conversation, particularly on those issues that have proven so difficult to resolve.

However, there is a shift as the sun moves into a more intense zone on March 20, followed by sweet Venus the next day. The coming four weeks can be a call to find closure on matters that have been a cause for concern. You might be motivated to act now even if you’ve been procrastinating for some time.

Your desire nature could also ramp up now. If there is something you really want, you might be determined to get it.

Finally, the full moon across your financial axis on the twenty-eighth could find you ready to splurge, perhaps as a way to feel better about certain aspects of your life. Go easy, though, and perhaps consider smaller treats or a pampering session that leaves you happier without costing too much.

Are you ready to learn something new, Libra? Assertive Mars moves into lively Gemini on March 3, so your curiosity could ramp up. You might find classes that are relevant to your current needs and be eager to enroll. You might also be drawn to join various groups and uncover new ways to make the progress you desire. New information can be your fix and you could get hooked.

Meanwhile, the sun continues its journey through Pisces and your sector of work and wellness, along with sweet Venus and dreamy Neptune. The coming three weeks are great for taking stock of your schedule and considering whether you need to make any changes. This is a good time to think about your priorities and organize your routines around them.

There’s a new moon in the same zone on the thirteenth, so seize the opportunity to make a fresh start. Whether you’re beginning a new job or business or hoping to get moving on a fitness strategy, this is the time to go ahead.

On March 15, talkative Mercury also move into Pisces, encouraging you to get organized. If you need to declutter your working space, make a start now. You can have more creativity and greater peace of mind if you do.

Relationships become more of a focus when the sun moves into Aries on the twentieth, followed by sultry Venus the next day. This romantic pairing could encourage you to smooth over any difficulties while also clearing the air.

You might be in a proactive mood when it comes to socializing online or off, and you’ll be eager to network and make some valuable connections.

The full moon in your sign on March 28 could find you pulled in different directions. What your partner or another wants may not be what you want. Trust your instincts here. If you feel you should stand your ground, do so.

Scorpio, the coming weeks are perfect for enjoying life whenever you have the opportunity. And if you have creative talents, this period is helpful for making the most of them. With the sun and Venus in Pisces until March 20 and March 21, respectively, this is a great time to promote yourself. If you’re active on social media, making use of it can be a winner for you.

The new moon is in this same sector on the thirteenth, so this is a great opportunity to kick-start your entrepreneurial efforts and get those first clients.

Plus, with thoughtful Mercury moving into Pisces on March 15, you might feel moved to learn a new skill or hone one you already have. Anything you can do to enhance your chances of success will speed you on your way.

Feisty Mars changes signs on the third, moving into Gemini and a more intense zone for around six weeks. This sector of your chart is associated with shared finances, investments, business matters, deep-seated emotions, and patterns that are hidden from view. Because this area is stirred up, you could have insights into why your money situation or a love relationship isn’t working as well as you’d hoped. Armed with this information, you can begin to make changes.

There is a further shift as the sun moves into Aries and your lifestyle zone on March 20, followed by sweet Venus the next day. This delectable combination can be helpful at work, fostering good relationships with co-workers and your boss and inspiring cooperation all around.

Finally, there’s a full moon in Libra and your spiritual zone on the twenty-eighth, so use this potent lunar phase to consider your workload and current routines. If you’re feeling overwhelmed, you might gain an understanding of what activities need to go and how best to organize your schedule so that you don’t get stressed or anxious.

The month begins with the sun, lovely Venus, and ethereal Neptune in your home zone. You may find yourself in a contemplative mood, and it would pay to take time out to enjoy some nurturing. This could be on a physical as well as a mental and emotional level.

When feisty Mars moves into Gemini on March 3, you might feel a pull to be more sociable and reach out to others, and this could conflict with the urge to unwind. This influence lasts for around six weeks, and it could find you eager to make new friends, online or off, or get involved in a collaboration or team effort.

The new moon in your domestic sector on the thirteenth brings the chance of a gear change. If you’re ready to tackle some DIY projects, redecorate, or declutter, this is a good time to make a start.

And with articulate Mercury moving into Pisces and a deeply private zone on March 15, you might feel an urge to get to know more about your family tree or ancestry and see what associations this brings up.

There is a shift on the twentieth as the sun moves into Aries and your pleasure zone, followed by Venus the next day. This lovely pairing can encourage a creative streak or even a romantic one. If you have a love interest, you might be ready to take things further. If you’re eager to start a new hobby, befriending others who share your interest can mark the start of some wonderful friendships.

There’s a full moon on March 28, so feelings could surface, and you and others may be edgier than usual. But there is also the potential to clear the air and perhaps share more romantic feelings if you’re ready.

If you’re eager for new plans to take shape, %s, you can go far with the sun and harmonious Venus in your sector of talk and thought until March 20 and March 21, respectively. This is a good time for all kinds of negotiations, meetings, and connecting with others who share your goals and interests.

You may be in an entrepreneurial mode and ready to forge ahead with an online project. If so, think about taking things further around the time of the new moon on the thirteenth. This is a great opportunity for a fresh start or to build on what has already been accomplished.

In addition, go-getter Mars moves into Gemini and your work and wellness zone on March 3. Its journey through this sector lasts for around six weeks, and during this time you could be more restless than usual. Your curiosity could lead you to explore new ideas and opportunities, but remember that you can’t do them all. Choose wisely for the best outcome.

Brainy Mercury moves into Pisces on the fifteenth, and its influence can have a positive effect on communication, discussion, and closing any deals. Even so, with Pisces being such a dreamy sign, it would pay to examine the fine print in some depth. Don’t leave anything to chance.

Domestic matters come into focus when the sun moves into Aries on March 20, followed by lovely Venus the next day. This can be your chance to take more of an interest in family affairs and catch up on those DIY projects and other key tasks. And if you’re eager to beautify your home, creative Venus can help you make a fabulous job of it.

Finally, with a full moon in a prominent sector on the twenty-eighth, your work/life balance could be a topic of discussion. How happy are you with the way things are going? If they could be better, use this opportunity to set things right.

There continues to be a strong emphasis on your sign, %s, and with that come plenty of opportunities to kick-start your favorite plans and projects. However, with the sun in your personal financial sector with sweet Venus and dreamy Neptune, your thoughts may be on how you can better manage your money.

You might have the urge to give it away or spend it on pampering treats, and both are fine as long as you can still pay the bills and have enough left over for unexpected expenses. Money can buy you dreams, but it’s wise to invest in those things that will improve your future.

With the new moon in Pisces on March 13, it’s time to set your financial goals for the year ahead. Writing them down has a powerful psychological effect that can help you to manifest them.

In addition, assertive Mars moves into Gemini and your leisure and pleasure zone on the third and remains here for around six weeks. Your curiosity could make you eager to explore new hobbies, connect with all kinds of people, learn new skills, and try your hand at anything that looks like fun.

Chatty Mercury moves into Pisces on March 15, and this can be a cue to get financially organized and sell items that you no longer want or need. Knowing where you stand and maintaining control can give you great peace of mind.

There is a positive shift on the twentieth as the sun moves into Aries and your sector of communication, followed by diplomatic Venus the next day. This charming duo can enhance your ability to impress, whether you’re in a virtual meeting or connecting with someone face-to-face. If you need to discuss key issues or negotiate a deal, the right words can help you be successful.

Finally, the full moon in Libra on March 28 could spotlight an opportunity you won’t want to miss.

As the month gets underway, the radiant sun continues in your sign along with luscious Venus and dreamy Neptune. The first three weeks could find you eager to express yourself and focus on those plans and projects that resonate with your nature and purpose. The more you do what you love to do, the happier you can be.

And with the new moon in your sign on March 13, be sure to use this opportunity for a fresh start. This lunar phase is the best of the year for you. It’s a good time to set your intentions for the coming months, begin wholesome habits, and get moving on your biggest plans.

Even so, with feisty Mars moving into the sign of Gemini and your home zone on the third, a lot of activity may be geared toward your domestic sector. The red planet will be in this zone for around six weeks, so you have ample opportunity to make positive changes.

Once the sun moves into Aries on March 20, followed by Venus the next day, the emphasis shifts to your personal financial sector. This is a good time to look into those areas that need some attention, especially if you’ve been in denial about certain aspects of your money situation.

Aries is a very direct sign, so you’ll feel much happier taking control rather than simply hoping for the best. However, because sweet Venus loves a little bit of luxury, you might be tempted to splurge.

Finally, the full moon in Libra on the twenty-eighth could see you spending money as a way to feel better about certain aspects of your life. It could be that a little pampering, not another possession, is exactly what you need.

How are you using your monthly horoscope to strategize your week? I’d love to know more in the comments.

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