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A friend of mine revealed to me last night that they had skin cancer. 🌞SPF has always been a huge deal to me, not in the sense that I don’t want to have hyperpigmentation and uneven skin anymore. But more in the skincare is healthcare mentality. Read why skincare is not just beauty, but is healthcare even moreso here!

Outside of the beauty space that skincare might be considered, it truly is healthcare. Learning this about my friend’s trying tribulations with melanoma has triggered my desire to announce this Wellness + Lifestyle category into this blog and as a part of my entrepreneurial world. Meaning this blog is to serve female founders on all facets. Not just business, marketing, and productivity hacks. But you will find fabulous support on how to up your level up your self care.

Your health is the Number #1 investment for your success.👑

People normally think about their health once they get sick, experience burnout, or go through mental changes. We need to be on top of this and look after ourself to be successful in anything.

The evolving world of an entrepreneur requires stamina, good health– physical and mental, and endurance to execute the best performance. 

This subject is so boring, postponed, and neglected because we are so numb and take for granted when we are doing okay. I say “okay” and not “excellent” because everyone’s health can be better.

Bio hacking is my latest venture

Balancing hormones by using food, exercise, and routine are vital. The fifth vital sign for women is menstruation and more specifically your cycle. If you are PMSing at all–it means you’re doing it wrong.

Did you know that during certain parts of your cycle you glow and are more prone to make sales, attract clients, or buyers? Other times you’re more focused and concentrated on performing a more introverted task that needs your full attention with the avoidance of other people. 

The female body is ever flux and fascinating. Diets and exercise routines aren’t supposed to be executed simply as a matter of how. It’s a matter of when and where you are in your cycle. 👸🏻

This is just scratching the surface on my new Wellness category on the blog. Skincare is a huge deal for me as I’ve struggled with hyper pigmentation, eczema, and literally my face creating so much puss from a bad sunburn when I was a child that my duvet stuck to my face. GROSS and lol! I can laugh about it now.

🍑 I go more into depth on discoveries with my personal struggles of my own body, how so many women are relearning about themselves with the endless questions on why our bodies are ruining our lives sometimes. And the more I learn about circadian and infradian rhythms, the more intrigued I am with the mysteries and open-ended answers that nobody is truly sure of.

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I even bought a couple insanely cute pairs light glasses! So excited because they’re so chic and you can even find your own pair here. They go with all my work ensembles and comfy lounge outfits for all kinds of WFH energy. 😉

A lot of people take ownership of their problems by providing solutions too late, and we’re going to stay on top of it as you learn with me here by undertaking the preventative steps to overcome this. You can probably read how excited I am just by the way I type about this, but my heart is in it to win it (as always when it comes to a challenge that also benefits no matter what).

I went a little crazy with the supplements, but it was nowhere near as bad as the 2019 supplement raid! Always important to stock up, test, and see what your body agrees with and what works best. I’m a huge fan of split testing and you get the most results when you know what works for you. Now that I know what my body appreciates, I am acting on it as much as I can to maximize optimal work and play mode.

Here’s to doing the most for our health, physical, mental, and take monumental strides as women who not only own our businesses, but our bodies too.

Are you into bio hacking? I’d love to know more about what you know as I am starting this journey totally blind. Let me know what you think in the comments! The interest is infinite.

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