10 Different Ways To Market Your Business

10 Different Ways To Market Your Business

Here are a handful of methods that I’ve been using to attract clients. You don’t have to do them all every day, but what you can do is stick to certain ones you learn toward and can commit to for a while. See what suits your business, strategy, and ability to create content. You don’t necessarily need a social media manager right off the bat. Initially try to harness a fundamental understanding of each social media or online platform.

Get a load of these savvy strategy systems to boost your online presence.

1. Instagram

If you have 10,000 followers, you have the ability to use the link swipe up feature in your stories. This means you have direct access to funneling people who want to see what you’re all about. If you don’t have the swipe up link just yet, just put a sticker that says “Link in bio”, and it does just the same job!

Be sure to not only focus on posting on your feed everyday. When people who visit Instagram regularly enough, they will see your latest interaction on facebook come to them simply based on if you posted a story or not. It literally is the first thing people see when they log into the app. Give them reason to catch up with you and update them by consistently posting to your stories.

Feed posts are simply short form blog posts that don’t necessarily need to much SEO structure and mapping. But can definitely pack a good amount of value when contributing online with video format content or carousels.

2. Podcast

This is perfect to sneak your commercials into your own platform. That is if you can get people to listen to you. I personally have so much to say about business but don’t have the will to shape it into this form of communication with my audience. I also don’t have the capacity to consistently find guests. It feels to artificial for me and truly has to be friends. But my friends who are in business aren’t necessarily in a similar field as the online industry. It’s just too different.

Though I love listening to endless marketing tips and other people’s successes on podcasts, you can share long form and short form anecdotes in the form of audio. This is perfect especially when people are always on the go, can listen in the shower, while they drive, and even turn up the playback speed to absorb as much information as possible.

3. Blog

I was in a Facebook group when an old lady said people don’t have blogs anymore and I was like what lol. Some of the most clever business owners have blogs because it’s literally marketing that works while you sleep and does its job without the extra expense of being paid.

Blogging has the ability to rank in search results pages simply because of the relevance of content. What I mean by that is if you know what the hell you’re talking about in a blog post, you can rank higher than experts who are more well known simply because your information you offer is more relevant than their status in the branded world. That’s the power of great blog content.

4. Affiliates & Influencers

I don’t necessarily mean go out and collaborate with influencers you search on Instagram under the influencer hashtag. Go on Fiverr. There are so many influencers there with a decent following, some with an audience of 400k and only charge $60. I’m not kidding.

You can pay them for individual feed posts on their Instagram, story posts with swipe up links, and all kinds of shoutouts and mentions. Though this isn’t necessarily affiliate marketing and is influencer marketing, you can also sign up influencers to you program, product, service, or course to be an affiliate and whatever they sell, they get a cut of.

Either way, word of mouth is powerful and just getting someone else’s audience line up with yours is a whole other power of traffic for brand awareness you might not have thought of.

5. Collaborate with a friend’s email list.

Do you have a friend who’s also an entrepreneur? Or even someone who’s an influencer? Just someone with a decent following who aligns with your brand. You’re not necessarily competing with conflicts of interest, but you can offer to someone say–a lipstick/pigmented cosmetics company who teams up with a skincare company to do a beauty bundle giveaway deal. Or a brand that sells yoga pants collaborates with a startup that sells water bottles. They go hand in hand but aren’t each other’s competition.

You have to be strategic and sensitive when asking for favors in partnerships so be aware of how you gently can approach a potential proposal for a collaboration. Be sure to plan it out but let them speak in their voice to their audience or else you’ll be whitelisting and followers don’t necessarily resonate with a new tone of voice. Let your friend take charge when introducing you and your services to their audience. Their followers know them better and trust them as it is.

6. Pinterest

This is the holy grail of social media. It’s not actually a social platform, but more of a search engine. It is a search engine. It’s google for blogs, recipes, and home decor. Legit. The purest form of sharing social media out there that isn’t saturated with politics, manipulations of the polls, and tons of guidelines for posting. For example, Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram are extremely jaded with project housing, endless governmental interference, and issues with wording from being sued so many times.

People on Pinterest are literally searching for you all day long. It’s like Google but better because the visibility of people’s posts are more effective visually and aesthetically. Pins are colorful, bright, and easy to find what you want right away.

7. Your Email List

I don’t know why this one isn’t first, but it’s probably something to do with my impostor syndrome thinking my own personal email list isn’t big enough haha. This are the people who already follow you and want to hear from you. The people who you can sell to the easiest and cheapest with time and money are your warm audience. Launching a business is hard. What’s even harder is getting new eyes who aren’t sure if they’re even interested in what you have to offer. Standing out from others in a market where this is needed takes a lot of familiarity as a brand to get people’s attention. Captivate those who are already interested and nurture your email list strategically.

8. Retargeted Website Visitors

If you are running any type of ads, there is no point of running them if you don’t retarget. It would be silly to not throw money into ads or some type of expedited organic marketing to find your audience. But even more stupid to not retarget people who have already seen your work. Warm up your audience for what you’re trying to sell as much as possible. It would be a total waste to not retarget an audience who has already seen your work and shown potential interest. Also, be specific enough when creating those retargeting ads saying, “I’ve seen you visit my website! Now let’s take the next step.” It levels up your specificity in reaching the target audience and you can really make it feel like you’re reading their mind.

9. Facebook Groups

You don’t have to be a genius who knows the secret to mastering facebook groups creating one of your own. That takes a ton of time and effort. And in most cases a lot of people who run groups are absolute nazis. But some groups are dedicated to that help your community with valuable information, which I can understand.

There have been countless times, I have received job offers, connections to some sort of new client, or just met new clients from Facebook Groups. I will literally go in live-time leaving comments on other people’s questions within a group to answer them. Then tell them more in their DMs, offering them to sign up for my freebie that offers value I know they’re looking for according to the questions they asked. But don’t forget to tell people your direct message might go to their Message Requests in case they have a hard time finding you.

The purpose for this is only so Group Administrators don’t take down your posts, because yes–they can be total authoritarian Nazis.

10. Pitch Yourself To The Media

This could be to members of the media, other influencers who have blogs, or just influencers with social media who want to give you a trusty mention, your favorite magazines, your favorite business journals, or any publication with a good name you want to be tied to.

It’s easy to promote yourself and say I am X who does X. You need to give people a reason to love you and offer value. You can even offer your services to those who can promote you as a trade to get mentioned! Giving editors a taste of what you do can you put yourself in their favor and give them more reason to organically share your contribution with their audience.

If you are struggling to pitch to publications click here to learn more on how to get someone to pitch for you personally and professionally!

Have you been using different platforms and methods to market? I’d love to know more in the comments.

Gia G. Dixon
Gia G. Dixon

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