How To Answer, “How Do You Know You’ve Made It?”

How to answer a question you may or may not have thought of according to a successful person

Lately I’ve been asked on multiple occasions the age old questions and variants of it:

What is the sign that you made it? What is your sign that you know you’re successful? How are you going to celebrate when you know you’ve made it? How do you mark or measure success?

Success is relative.

I feel successful personally. Though I have not achieved every single one of my goals already, I feel great! I feel accomplished, happy, if I died tomorrow I’d be content, but would still want to do more. There’s always more to do and more to dream up. Success if a state of mind. It’s whether you think your life is over is a different story.

Some see success as a mark of not having to do anymore. I am quite the opposite. Achieving a colossal task after a long journey, makes me want to undertake even more massive ambitions!

I don’t see one tell-tale sign of being successful as my mark for a fulfilling life. I’m very out of habit and do whatever I want instead of sticking to a full-on routine. I have to be addicted to a project to get that way and it takes 110% of my energy when doing so.

However, people seem to meet other simple people who think one thing, one way, one aim is to be done in life. But after that, don’t you have any more goals? Is this one aspiration all you have to mark your success? What do you do after you give up?

That sounds boring. I am always giving myself goals and something to look forward to. Rest when you die haha. No, I don’t believe in rest when you die, but definitely the sign of a human life kicking and scratching through the coffin is when you feel you still have more to do.

I don’t think I have a sign of success. Buying my first home. My first Chanel bag. Even my first lap top or guitar when I was much younger.

But I have all these things and yes, they felt like a huge deal. My first guitar at 7 felt like a bigger deal than my first Chanel bag did. Earning my first job didn’t feel that great. It was just a job. I knew I was going to get it. Same how I know I’m going to reach pretty much all of my goals. It’s just a matter of working to get there.

Don’t get me wrong, it’s delicious to celebrate. And I will celebrate like a queen who dies tomorrow. But I have small celebrations all along the way too.

Every now and again I’ll step outside for some fresh air and literally smell the flowers. It’s my way of getting high outside work and nature is gift enough. Spending quality, devoted time with the ones I love is so much more than I could ask for. Seeing them, whether they’re upset or in a joyful frame of mind lifts my spirit. Sometimes just sitting down to do work after a few days of dilly-dallying makes me feel like a small celebration. Enjoying a coffee makes me feel so good. 

It’s important to see all the little things or finishing the smaller events in life to enjoy those bigger milestones. The monumental occurrences get a big hello and hug when I’m there, maybe even seven jumps of excitement, but I’m still celebrating every day all the little affairs.

Read more here on why I have a hard time keeping a consistent routine and maintain my “work addiction”.

Sincerely. Getting all my work done in one day is definitely something to celebrate.

Executing my list in a lesser amount of time than I pictured is worth commemorating. Hats off to my forever long to-do list and to when I get to the end of it.

What is a way you recognize your successes and how do you measure it in the first place? I’d love to know more in the comments.

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