Your Weekly Business Horoscopes February 22-28

Finesse your workweek strategy using the stars

You’re receiving a powerful boost of energy around your goals this week. On February 24, Mars in your second house of finances will form a trine with Pluto in your career sector. This will help you overcome feelings of inadequacy and fears of failure as you take all your hardships and use them as fuel. This is a great time to think of why you’re going after your goals and what’s motivating you. You have the potential to earn a lot more money if you put your mind to it now.

On February 26, a full moon will rise in your sixth house of work and health. As this full moon squares Mars, it may feel as though a fire is being lit underneath you and it’s pushing you to accomplish more in a shorter amount of time. In fact, the need to meet your expectations could feel as serious as life or death—so, just remember not to sacrifice other important priorities for the same of winning the game.

A colleague could be a great help to you this week, so reach out and ask for assistance. On February 28, the moon will enter your partnership sector, paving the way for a colleague to support or inspire you in a meaningful way.

When the week begins, you may struggle to make sense of a piece of information that you receive. On February 23, the moon in your third house of communication will oppose Pluto in your ninth house of philosophy. This could cause you to take on a very negative perspective of the information that you stumble across, encouraging you to think the worst. As the moon trines Neptune in your social eleventh house, asking other teammates what they think of the situation will help you make sense of it.

You may be learning a lot in a very short span of time this week. On February 24, Mars in Taurus will trine Pluto in your expansive ninth house, pushing you to take on new experiences or embrace different concepts that might transform your perspective. Be prepared to admit that you were wrong before, because that’s the only way you’ll learn anything new.

Your community will be bringing out a new side of you by February 25. The sun in your extroverted eleventh house will sextile Uranus in Taurus, paving the way for your colleagues to help you tap into your authentic self. Enjoy the rush of self-discovery and innovation.

You may run into some financial concerns as the week gets going. On February 23, the moon in your second house of money will oppose Pluto in your eighth house of shared resources. There’s a chance someone you work with may be trying to compensate you for less or acquire more of your energy without giving anything in return. Being generous is one thing but allowing yourself to be taken advantage of is another. Know the value of your time and work.

On February 25, unexpected moments of insight could take your career in a new direction. The sun in your tenth house of aspirations and goals will form a sextile with Uranus in your twelfth house of spirituality. Give yourself a moment of quiet so that you can look deep within and unlock what your intuition is trying to tell you. Sometimes, the most complex and confusing problems at work can be solved by letting your inner sense of knowing take over.

However, on February 27, you may be afraid to take the next step. The full moon in your cozy fourth house will square the North Node in Gemini, which could leave you feeling afraid of stepping outside your comfort zone. Remember: The scariest things are often the most important things to do.

You may find yourself at odds with a colleague as the week begins. On February 23, the moon in your first house of the self will oppose Pluto in your seventh house of open enemies. A boss or colleague may be attempting to exert control over you or push you in a direction you don’t want to be pushed. You’re not a doormat, so make sure that you gently stand up for yourself or put up a boundary when need be. They’ll respect you for it in the long run.

That respect may be engendered by February 24, when Mars in your innovative eleventh house trines Pluto. This creates the perfect opportunity for you to join forces with a likeminded individual—someone who shares the same vision you do. In fact, there may be an idea that you come up with together. This is something that you never would have come up with alone. Let a motivating business partnership be formed this week.

A full moon on February 27 may cause you to rethink the way you manage your time and keep up with busy work. As this full moon opposes Neptune in your expansive ninth house, you may find yourself feeling more forgetful than usual, so take note of important, nonnegotiable tasks that need to get done.

You may feel slow to start this week. On February 23, the moon in your twelfth house of spirituality will oppose Pluto in your sixth house of routine. This may leave you feeling daydreamy and sleepy, however, your responsibilities and tasks will pile up on you fast if you’re not careful. Try to get the most important, non-negotiable things finished first so that you don’t go into panic mode at the last minute.

Luckily, you’re approaching a powerful moment to get organized on February 24. Mars in your ambitious tenth house will trine Pluto, inspiring you to get back on track. Not only do you feel like keeping up with all the work you may be behind on, but you’re also feeling inspired to take on projects and tasks that are based on self-improvement. Between cleaning your office and meal-prepping for the week, you’re going hard on the wise decisions. You should be so proud of yourself.

You’re coming up on a powerful moment to think about your investments around February 25. The sun in your eighth house of shared resources will form a sextile with Uranus in your tenth house of career. It’s a beautiful time to think about buying some stocks or clearing away debts.

You have big dreams. And on February 23, you might just feel emotionally connected to them. The moon will be moving through your visionary eleventh house, tapping into your idea of the future. However, as the moon opposes Pluto in your gluttonous fifth house, you might feel drawn toward short-term gratification instead of staying focused on the end goal. Be careful. Indulging in one distracting idea often leads to the indulging of another.

However, if you rely on artistic moments of inspiration in your line of work, you’ll love the energy of February 24. This is when Mars in your adventurous ninth house will form a trine with Pluto in your creativity sector, pushing you to dig deep until you tap into the well of magic and power that lies within you. Keep having faith in the process; doubt is the only thing that will get in your way right now.

On February 27, the full moon in Virgo will rise, which could lead to a powerful revelation or even a change in your life. As this full moon forms a trine with Uranus in your philosophical ninth house, you may be pulled down a path you weren’t expecting to take. Leave behind rigid plans and let the universe do its thing.

When you think about winning, you might think of cutthroat ambition and ruthlessness. However, on February 23, the cosmos are encouraging you to infuse your career with generosity and selflessness. The moon in your career sector will trine Neptune in your sixth house of service, encouraging you to rediscover the reason your career helps others and makes people’s lives easier. What service do you provide? How does it make the world a better place?

As the sun in your productive sixth house forms a sextile with Uranus in your committed eighth house on February 25, you may feel inspired to try out a new routine. Try out techniques that could help you banish procrastination or regenerate your mental space. There’s a chance that something might just click into place and make your work life so much easier.

However, by February 27, you might want to clear your schedule. A full moon will rise in your spacey twelfth house of spirituality, putting you right in your feels. This will be a better time to release stress and negativity rather than piling on extra work. Give yourself time to process everything going on in your career so that you can return to work with a rejuvenated attitude and mindset.

You’ve got your heart set on your career goals as the moon moves through your ambitious tenth house on February 24. However, you may find that it’s hard to get anything done as the moon opposes Saturn in your emotional fourth house. This could cause inconveniences at home. If you’re running into problems as you try to get ahead, try not to let pessimism drag you down.

In fact, on February 24, a conversation with a colleague could also motivate you to keep going. Mars in your seventh house of partnerships will trine Pluto in your third house of communication, tapping into your desire for intellectual connection and social stimulation. By discussing your career goals with a someone you admire, you might be able to get all the anxiety and stress off your chest and go forward unburdened.

On February 27, you’re encountering a powerful opportunity to connect deeply with other people in your field. The full moon will rise in your eleventh house of community and will form a trine with Uranus in your partnership sector. This makes it a beautiful time to assemble a team and work on a project together.

Is there a purchase you’ve been lusting after? A financial goal you’ve been dreamed of chasing? You’re receiving a powerful boost that will enable you to get more work done and increase your earnings on February 24. Mars in your productive sixth house will trine Pluto in your second house of finances, pushing you to name a number and work hard until you reach that number. You may feel like putting in more hours or taking on more jobs, but you won’t feel bad about it. It’s going to pay off.

On February 26, a full moon will rise in your tenth house of career and social status. This will arrive with revelations about your goals—potentially even causing you to reconsider your job. This full moon will form a trine with Uranus in your sixth house of work, proving that you may be ready to start expanding your resumé. In fact, a job offer may be underway.

If you’re ready to start applying for new jobs and gigs, February 28 is a good time to start. This is when the moon will enter your eleventh house of social circles—encouraging you to network and reconnect with some of your favorite colleagues. Who knows? There’s a chance one of them has the perfect opportunity for you.

As this week begins, you may have the desire to make an investment. On February 24, the moon in your eighth house of shared resources will tap into your desire to make a commitment and divest from commitments that have been draining your energy. However, as the moon opposes Saturn in your second house of money, you may be confronted with the state of your finances. You may not be entirely ready to make the investment you’ve been dreaming of. This encourages you to reassess your budget.

On February 25, you’ll stumble across some incredible energy for brainstorming. The sun in your third house of communication will form a sextile with Uranus in your fifth house of creativity, unblocking your mental pathways and allowing you to infuse your inner genius with your inner artist. Take advantage of this energy by jotting down notes, reading inspiring content, and talking to intellectually stimulating people.

The full moon on February 27 takes place in your ninth house of wisdom and expansion. Prepare to experience a perspective shift, as though your mind is opening to more possibilities. The full moon forms a trine with Pluto in Capricorn, which means that saying “yes” to something different may transform you.

It’s a beautiful week to think about setting up passive forms of income. On February 23, the moon in your proactive sixth house will form a trine with Neptune in your second house of money—encouraging you to concoct a means of making money while you’re not actively working. There’s no reason income needs to entail constant work, and this week, you might appreciate streams of income that accumulate over time behind the scenes.

By February 24, you might find yourself enduring a dilemma with a work-related partnership. As the moon in your seventh house of colleagues opposes Saturn in your first house of the self, you may feel a desire to forge a business partnership with someone so that you’re not working alone. However, accepting help from someone else might be outside of your comfort zone, causing you to pull back. There are pros and cons to both options, so take your time considering them.

However, you might wind up making a decision by the full moon on February 27. Taking place in your eighth house of shared resources, you may come to a realization about what you’re willing to invest your time and money into. Make sure you’re drawing firm guidelines, as this moon will oppose Neptune in your grounded second house, blurring the lines.

You’ve got so much energy pulling you through this week that you might feel like the energizer bunny. After all, on February 24, Mars in your brainy third house will trine Pluto in your idealistic eleventh house. This will push you to learn about new topics, talk to people in your field, and express your ideas for all the world to hear. Don’t keep your ideas to yourself, because this week, your ideas have the power to impact your community and make a real change.

And it’s not just your community that’s being affected. Everything you learn and every conversation you have is inspiring you to embrace your authenticity. On February 25, the sun in your first house of the self is forming a sextile with Uranus in your clever third house, encouraging you to discover what sets you apart from others. You have ideas that no one else has, so going out of your way to blend and fit in would only be a disservice to your talents.

The week comes to a close with a full moon in your seventh house of partnerships on February 27. This full moon will encourage you to think about how you relate to and work with others. A business-related connection may be on your mind as you discover where this relationship is headed.

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