How To Do Social Media Cold Scripting The Right Way

When visiting a restaurant before the lockdown, you typically would like to have your food served warm if it’s a warm dish. But as you eat it, it gets cold and you don’t mind and keep eating it. The connection isn’t the same but your appreciation of the dish comes from the initial reaction of you having started it warm.

However, when trying a dish that’s served cold when it’s supposed to be warm disgusts you. You might even send it back and ask for it to be warm.

Same goes for your audience. The approach is very tactical and handled with silk gloves.

Connecting with people on social media has become so much easier and so much more difficult simultaneously. I’ve been cold scripted with a voice message, even personal video and direct text from random entrepreneurs trying to serve me as a client. That’s totally cool but they just came out of the blue and I have zero idea who they are and why they’re here or how they found me.

A lot of cold scripts are just that–cold. I don’t vibe or connect with the people who send them out no matter how thoughtful they were trying to be. I end up skipping even listening or taking the time to review their message after all their efforts.

Something that also really turned me off was this lady was sending me voice messages without even saying my name so I knew she was just reading something to multiple people. It’s different when you already have some sort of connection.

Like dating. You don’t want to start off on the wrong foot or have an awkward beginning on a first date. You want to meet organically at Starbucks and laugh at something silly while standing in line together. A connection is created and you have a natural inclination to introduce yourself.

How to do this on Instagram

When engaging with your target audience on instagram, and using all the right hashtags, you are going to find other people within your niche finding you also.

Start with the people who found you.

The people who are spamming you with likes, giving your content some meaningful comments and all kinds of engagement. These are top priority with active warm audiences. Especially when someone follows you.

They WANT to get to know you or at least be seen by you. Now that you have their attention, go out of your way to send them a quick and meaningful message as to how you can help serve them at to let them know you’re there without any questions.

It’s that sense of organic introduction like at Starbucks. They’re already trying to connect with you and going above responding to their comments on their post with a few sentences on how you can help and connect with them is the best way to warm someone up!

Same goes for your email marketing sequences

When someone opts in for your freebie you can’t just leave them in the dark. You have to have a killer Welcome email sequence! Even if it’s just one or two of them. I personally prefer to have 3.

One to say what they’re in for when opting, the second to deliver whatever their opt-in is–I deliberately spread it out so they can feel like they’ve seen my branding more than once. And then the final one is to introduce myself and then I have weekly emails to follow up with them that I have ready and prepped to send out.

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What happens when you don’t respond to your audience right away?

They become cold again and you have to start over. Getting leads is a full time job on Instagram, so be sure to have a general script ready for when people are engaging. But be sure to personalize it to them and their needs while not being too pushy.

Just be yourself. I know it sounds cliché but it’s true. Talk how you would when meeting friends the first time. Don’t try to sell them right away. Just keep engaging with them by turning on their notifications by pressing the bell at the top of their Instagram user account and get post notifications to be the first to engage with their latest piece of content.

You will definitely be noticed and more in sync with their radar — that’s for sure.

In Summary here are the 3 ways to warm up an audience with a not so cold script:

  1. Respond ASAP to people’s comments on Instagram when engaging and also send them a DM.
  2. Make sure you have a really good Welcome Sequence of emails to get people to feel like they know you or get familiar.
  3. Turn on post notifications on social media to be the first to interact with a target audience member’s latest post.

If the people are your dream clients, they’re definitely worth it as you will have nothing to worry about but serving them properly! This whole article is basically a nice way of explaining how to show up for your audience to be the best and turn them into clients to show them you are what they need.

What’s a way you prefer to show up for your audience? I’d love to know more in the comments.

Gia G. Dixon
Gia G. Dixon

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