A New Way To Raise Engagement and Have Your Target Audience Come To You

A New Way To Raise Engagement and Have Your Target Audience Come To You

I always wondered what the purpose is to follow a specific hashtag.

First I thought it’s to find what people are posting within that hashtag and how to stand out using it.

Then I thought it helps you rank to the top somehow.

I guess the first part works, but most recently I’ve been using it to see what my target audience is doing.

Finding the a handful of hashtags within your niche–say about ten of them–helps you actually have Instagram users COME TO YOU. This means your target audience doesn’t have to be searched for everyday and you don’t have to think of new keywords to search every time.

New users automatically come to your feed and you can see the daily action going on within that hashtag and interact with those people. Engaging has never been easier by having your target audience literally come to your by the new posts being presented to you on a silver platter on your feed.

Instagram’s latest algorithm is also always trying to show you newer content instead of recycling older posts and catching you up on the latest highlights.

Since Instagram developers want to keep you on the app as long as possible (because they make more money with the ads you see for as long as you’re on there), you want to make sure you’re checking in at least once a day.

Some people say go on Instagram 30 minutes a day and engage. But I like to do the interacting with target audiences directly through my social media manager, Gladys. But when it comes to connecting with real people I know and try to talk with at least a few times a week, I make sure to spend at least 5 minutes of spurts during my breaks I schedule myself to say hi and comment on close friend’s latest videos and images.

To learn more about the latest 2021 algorithm guidelines, read more about it here!

I don’t believe you have to be glued to a set schedule to do well on social media at all whatsoever. BUT I do believe, you have to put at least some effort and that doesn’t mean sitting hours straight on your phone or even on your desktop where you type faster to meaningfully engage.

If one could, Instagram literally rewards those who stay on the app all day. But I would never wish that upon someone haha.

There are so many different types of engagement and ways to interact with people on Instagram and if you have only one account that’s both personal and professional, I suggest hiring a part time social media manager by the hour or simply someone who can help specifically raise engagement–that’s it.

People who are social media managers will charge more and entail a hire caliber of services when it comes to content creation, engagement, copywrite, and that’s a lot of time and effort. Where Instagram engagement is specific to that one particular task and you can find someone accordingly. Just be sure to know the difference when trying to raise your engagement with your target audience and outsourcing a job well done properly!

What are ways you are standing out to your target audience lately? Are you singling them out on Instagram or Facebook? Does cold scripting work for you? Or do you send people individual DMs once they follow you? I see all these fabulous tactics all the time and would love to know more in the comments.

Gia G. Dixon
Gia G. Dixon

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