Should You Use Instagram Presets?

Level up your branding with this quick guide to Lightroom Presets

If you’re wondering WTF presets are, they’re pre-made filters you can apply to your photos using Adobe Lightroom mobile or Lightroom Classic (CC) on your desktop when posting on social media or your blog.

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The purpose of them are to give a sense of uniformity and branding. Certain influencers are associated with rosy tones or, rich hues, or even dark luxe filters. You can recognize a brand–professional or personal–just by the editing style of an image.

I personally had zero idea why someone wanted to look like someone else when it came to buying someone else’s presets instead of applying your own. The thing is you can buy someone else’s as a basis–especially those with a similar skin tone and hair as you–and adjust it to your liking to create a new preset!

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It’s best to have multiple presets ready within your lightroom customization sets. That way you just apply them as you feel and everything is already set up. All you might have to do is touch up your outfit or blemishes on your skin.–if that’s what empowers you.

At first I was skeptical but was given a tutorial on them for free and ended up buying multiple sets that applied to my brand.

They’re super easy to use and make your photos look extra luxurious. I’ve never seen this kind of editing be executed properly with iPhone’s saturation and exposure arrangements. It simply can’t be done at this caliber quality. Originally I thought editing a photo’s brightness and coloration was as simple as using a regular app or your phone’s settings. But it’s so much more than that. The richness and quality is levels different.

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Here are some presets above I personally am in love with. Some can work with your skin tone better than others, so you have to really know your branding and test what works for you.

(I do not get paid to post these sellers and genuinely love supporting small businesses and giving value to my audience ’cause I absolutely love you guys for always being there for me!)

Some influencers sell their presets for $20-$200 which is a bit much. Especially when you can find some dope filters on etsy for $1-$5 that are easy to apply with multiple sets of instructions whether you want to use Adobe Lightroom Classic CC on your Desktop or Lightroom Mobile.

Here are some presets I absolutely love! But you can roam around on these etsy sellers’ stores and find even more presets you’re totally obsessed with.

(Click any image to go straight to that preset’s store!)

I’ve been experimenting with so many these days as it’s fun to use and fun to see how quality your photos look! Aside from that, you really step up your game by creating a signature branded style to present yourself and business.

There are tons more styles online as you can see what fits your style best. However, these I posted here are simply some I personally purchased or have had my eye on.

Everybody should look good online. If you’re not leveling up your social presence, you’re already behind.

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And that’s coming from me–someone who doesn’t believe you have to post everyday on social. So when you do post, make sure to make it quality! Being the face of your brand is tough enough as it is. Personal or professional, we’re all digital entrepreneurs just trying to be the best we can one post at a time.

What are your favorite types of presets that caught your eye lately? Have you been wondering about them? I’d love to know more in the comments below.

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