It’s Not The Algorithm–It’s You

It’s Not The Algorithm–It’s You

For those who have suddenly dropped viewer numbers on Instagram don’t realize it’s their fault.

Every year Instagram–and every platform including Pinterest, Google, and Facebook–update their yearly policies to tell you what their new guidelines are. It’s like taxes. Any country you visit, if you study the tax code, it tells you exactly how to get rich. But people have the automatic inclination to not stay updated and set themselves into their habits.

It’s going to take more than having a lot of followers to genuinely connect with people.

Why is this always happening?

Very few people think like a business. These online platforms are businesses. So every season, or business cycle, they update little things here and there to make the user experience (or UX) more appealing. They’re constantly thinking of new ways to make their site or app better and easier. It’s not that they’re trying to trip you up.

Every six months, I personally rebrand my own site and socials to mix things up. Yes, familiarity is nice, but leveling up is even better. You clean out the old things that aren’t working or out of date and upgrade your client experience.

If you read the yearly notices on all the new policies, you will be fine. Especially for public companies, you will find annual reports that are typically updated every 2 years for the huge report, the year in between for the smaller report, and every quarter for the latest news. This includes press releases.

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How to find this info is to simply Google ” X company + press release ” or ” X company + annual report “. It’s not that hard people. Google is your friend. Be resourceful with it and reword keywords to search if you need to.

How To Use The New Instagram and Facebook Algorithm

Don’t be an entitled shit thinking your following is huge therefore you should reach more people. Quite the opposite. The bigger your account is, the harder to keep up.

The more followers you have in the tens of thousands, only 1% of followers are those you will actually reach. It takes a bit of effort to lift your engagement up past the almighty 3% range. The smaller your following is, the more you will reach up to 25% if you have less than 100 followers or so. This was how the microinfluencer (Anybody with less than 100k followers) was born.

Think like a business. Not an individual when it comes to strategically executing tasks on an online platform.

The latest algorithm was designed to benefit the app–of course. This means getting people to stay on the app longer. Even if that means having to engage with every single one of your followers.

Yes. Engagement. Likes don’t mean shit anymore and newer business accounts don’t even show the number of the people who liked your post anymore. All they see is a couple usernames who liked your post and not the number. The number sways people in deciding whether they should like a post too. (A lot of people are total sheep if you haven’t realized by now and this psychology has been proven again and again to work!)

Celebrities with huge followings are not the first to pop up on feeds anymore. It’s those you engage with the most.

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Instagram wants you to stay longer by genuinely engaging with your followers. Those who pop up on your feed are the ones you engage with the most. They’re also showing you more of the latest content instead of old posts. So the more frequently you show up, the more older posts you might see. The less you visit the app, the more highlighted posts with the most likes is what Instagram will show you.

My instagram engagement and following has actually gone up from understanding this and I’ve never been more successful interestingly enough. I’ve outsourced the work to this genius > read more about her here. I gained 100 followers in the past week simply from her stepping up my engagement alone. I didn’t really have a strong community before, but now people are following and really engaging with my content like they mean it.

The last time this happened was when I used to post a bunch of bikini selfies (I’ve archived most of them to be taken seriously in business) and they weren’t my target audience. The thirst was real.

If you really want to up your engagement game, I definitely suggest hiring an engagement expert. This doesn’t cost a lot and you can look for someone on fiverr, but I would look in Facebook groups for specialists. There are incredible social media managers and virtual assistant badasses who have growing accounts to immense followings, organic engagement with the right people, and most of all they’re dying to share what they know.

Check out this post on the best Facebook groups for entrepreneurial females here!

What are ways you’re leveling up your engagement game in 2021? I’d love to know more in the comments what you think.

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