The Reason I Hate Taking Breaks: An Addictive Personality Analysis

I love working for 18 hours straight. Sue me.

People say, “You’re a pisces so you have an addictive personality. What’s your vice? Drugs or alcohol?”

First off, I don’t think it has anything to do with my star sign. I’m extremely individual if you don’t know me personally and am more complex than that lol. However, those are not the only two options when it comes to being addicted to things.

It’s possible to be addicted to anything. Some things easier than others, and most people are addicted to so many other options anyway.

They say people pick up their phone over 26,000 times a day. You get dopamine hits from checking your notifications and clearing off your screens. So it’s best to put your phone on do not disturb mode or else you’ll be playing wack-a-mole checking emails all day.

My job revolves around checking emails and I enjoy it, because it’s simply my job. If I don’t respond, that means an opportunity can seriously be missed and leaving money on the table, or even have a client replaced by someone who responds faster.

I cannot leave the table when I am working on something or else lose all flow and motivation. Once, I really had to use the bathroom and came back to my desk only to forget what I was doing–I remember it was really important–and leaving the project altogether. Later, I looked at my notes carefully that I left on the table before and realized it wasn’t time sensitive, but it required deep concentration. The feeling was gone.

Business is all bout consistency and when I have the moment I don’t want to lose it. However, there are problems that arise when I stay in a project too long. My time gets eaten up and once I leave the desk I feel extremely exhausted for some reason 12 hours later. Not to forget that I will procrastinate other tasks entirely because I wanted to finish working on something else before I move on.

My husband calls it perfectionism. My grandpa and I have the same quality and discuss in-depth about our addiction.

In the English language, addiction is associated with a negative perspective and has a less favorable understanding that it’s actually a range. There are different levels of addiction. My brain is still human and can tell when I overdo it, so will back off of an action to instill equilibrium. There are those extreme levels of addiction where the brain chemicals cannot return to their original placement after doses of heroin.

Society’s dramatic view of an addiction is a an inflated superlative used to exaggerate one’s obsession toward a subject.

I have a coffee addiction. That’s for sure. I’ve trained my brain to think my body needs coffee to maximize my focus on producing quality work and dealing with people. It’s the push that my body doesn’t naturally have on its own.

What propels that in addition to thinking I need is is my desire for it. I actually like the stuff. Therefore I create a place in my life to thrive and exist as a sole part of my day.

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I don’t hate breaks. They’re a brilliant way to get someone to want to work and find balance in one’s routine. However, I only take long spans of time off as opposed to 30 minutes of work here and a 15 minute break there. I will work 18 hours straight and then take a couple days off as collateral.

If I give myself the chance to get up, it’s usually to pace and discuss with my inner thoughts the possibilities of a certain strategy or way to word things. If I don’t get up from my desk, I will still take a break and bring my attention to a notepad brainstorming potential plans of action.

No time blocks. No multiple things to do today. Yes, I hit everything on my list and manage to do a couple things here and there, but there definitely is a backup of things I need to do. Each task more daunting than the other. Every undertaking more monumental than the next. It never ends and never will. Just have to keep chugging along until I can find someone else to delegate or a functional system to automate.

But taking my mind away from the subject diminishes my ability to do my best on a subject. Little tasks here and there do not do it for me. I’m a 110% person with only full force motivation and taking great strides to do a job all at once.

Is there something that stops you from working? What are some tricks that keep you motivated? I’d love to know more in the comments.

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