Monthly Horoscopes February 2021

 The sun is in your airy sign to start the month, giving you the freedom that you crave. Even if you have to check in with someone from time to time—like a boss, parent, or partner—you still appreciate the feeling that you’re the only one steering the boat and making major decisions.

A Venus-Uranus square on February 7 brings some tension your way (especially in your love and money sectors), so hopefully you’re willing to fully embrace change. Very few things happen when you’re standing still, watching the world pass you by. This challenging energy encourages you to be a participant, not a bystander.

A Saturn-Uranus square on the seventeenth can produce some uncomfortable energy, making you glad that this aspect only happens once every 14 years. The changes happening now are ones that are being made for you, which are your least favorite kind. One of your worst nightmares is to have your imagination stifled, which could very well happen now. 

The sun leaves your airy sign for the watery depths of Pisces on February 18, putting you far deeper into your feelings than you usually like to go. Although it’s nice to have an increased sense of sympathy, you feel kind of uncomfortable expressing any real feelings. Luckily, your daydreams are vivid now and can be used as a good distraction from reality.

When Venus enters Aquarius on February 1, she encourages you to embrace your individuality, especially when it comes to money and matters of the heart. You don’t always have a ton of confidence in these areas, but when you let your unique personality shine, you’ll be surprised by how capable you actually are. 

When Mars sextiles your ruler Neptune on the thirteenth, romance is in the air. Are you with your ideal partner? If you are, spoil them rotten. If you’re not, do you have an idea of what they look like or what their personality is like? Your dreams and visions are incredibly helpful tools now, Pisces. Don’t ignore signs that will lead you to happiness.

The sun leaves quirky air sign Aquarius and partners with your gentle, introverted sign on February 18, giving you a month of quiet introspection and alone time. Use your free time to curl up with a good book, bake some bread, give yourself a pedicure, or take ridiculously long bubble baths. Give yourself permission to stop taking care of others long enough to pamper yourself.

Venus enters your peaceful sign on the twenty-fifth, so you’ll do just about anything to avoid confrontation of any kind. When it comes to love and money, you might have to address some issues, but for the next three weeks you prefer to look at the positives instead of the negatives.

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The sun is in individualistic Aquarius as February begins, which is an energy that encourages you to be exactly who you are, quirks and all. If someone doesn’t like all of your little idiosyncrasies, then they don’t have to hang out with you. Period!

Loving Venus joins aloof Aquarius on February 1, so your relationships might feel a shift in physical or emotional closeness for the coming weeks. It isn’t that you don’t care about your loved ones, but you want space to explore the world on your own. You’re more than happy to talk about your experiences after the fact, but for the time being you rather like the thought of flying solo.

You have a short temper when Mercury squares your ruler Mars on the tenth, and you might jump to conclusions before you’ve heard the whole story. Why are you so quick to make assumptions, Aries? This won’t be the first time your temper has gotten you into trouble, but in the future you might want to work on thinking more about what you say before you say it.

The sun leaves outgoing Aquarius for shy, gentle Pisces on February 18, leaving you more subdued and quieter than usual. As the last sign of the zodiac, the Pisces energy puts you in a reflective mood, and thinking about what has transpired in the past month can be cathartic. If you feel the need to do better, nothing is stopping you.

The sun is already partnered with outgoing Aquarius when your ruler Venus partners with the Water Bearer on February 1. Is it time to set aside your conservative, traditional ways and have more eccentric experiences? Get out of your comfort zone and have some fun, Taurus! When it comes to love and money, it’s time to change up the game.

The sixth finds money maven Venus conjoining ambitious Saturn, so your opportunities to pad your bank account should be plentiful. There is no opportunity too small for you to consider. If you’re starting a business or selling things online, expect slow, steady growth. 

The brilliant and powerful sun enters gentle Pisces on February 18, making you more compassionate and empathetic. With everything that’s going on in the world, we could all use a little more love in our lives. Reach out to offer a helping hand to someone who’s struggling. At the end of the day, what you do for others makes you feel way better than what you do only for yourself.

Beautiful Venus enters creative, creamy Pisces on the twenty-fifth, giving love a soft, romantic vibe. Set the mood for your partner or crush with soft lighting and a killer playlist, and make sure you look irresistible. Appealing to someone’s senses now is the best way to seduce them.

The sun is in fellow air sign Aquarius, putting some very interesting ideas into your head. There aren’t too many things you won’t consider now, and you love to spend your downtime experimenting and coming up with innovative new products and concepts. You get along best with other air signs who are willing to play the “what if” game with you.

Making major decisions during the Mercury-Mars square on February 10 isn’t the best idea because you tend to jump to incorrect conclusions and make wrong assumptions now. It’s possible that most of your mistakes can be corrected if you slow down and pay more attention to what you’re doing rather than what you want to be doing ten minutes from now. 

A Mercury-Jupiter conjunction on the fourteenth puts you in a happier frame of mind, and this is one of your luckiest days of the month. Which areas of your life can benefit the most from good fortune smiling on them? Focus your attention on those. 

A Virgo full moon on February 27 shows you how much work there is to do, but it also infuses you with the energy to get the job done, or should we say “jobs”? Try not to get overwhelmed with the sheer volume of what’s on your to-do list. You can accomplish it all with a positive attitude (and maybe a few more cups of coffee than usual).

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When Venus pairs up with friendly Aquarius right away on February 1, there can be a lot of mixed emotions swirling around friendships. Have you been thinking about taking a platonic relationship in another direction? This experimental energy encourages you to try new things.

A new moon in Aquarius on the eleventh also encourages experimentation, but this time the focus is more on making connections with the world and finding your place among associations, organizations, and so on. Your chance of being accepted into new groups now is high. 

The sun leaves Aquarius for emotional fellow water sign Pisces on February 18, at which point you will probably feel like retreating back into your shell and out of the spotlight. There’s nothing wrong with being an introvert, but be sure your voice is heard when something important is on the line. 

A Virgo full moon on February 27 gives you the opportunity to look at your problems from a logical perspective. Doing things the same way you’ve always done them has led you here. Are you happy with your current circumstances? If not, change them. Health is a major focus during this lunation.

Your ruler sun is partnered with wise and witty Aquarius to start the month, so your ideas and opinions will be highly valued and sought after now. This is a great time to start or join important discussions on how to make the world a better place. 

The sun-Mercury conjunction on February 8 brings more mental alertness, and you’ll want to interact with like-minded people. It’s hard to tell someone’s tone via text or e-mail, but if those are the only outlets you have available, use them to your advantage. Emoji are a good way to convey humor.

The sun moves into compassionate Pisces on the eighteenth, helping you be much more empathetic to other people’s pain. Is there something you can do to help? Offering someone a shoulder to cry on or a hot meal makes you feel much better than doing nothing at all.

A sun-Uranus sextile on February 25 stimulates your creativity and helps you see things from a new perspective. Flashes of insight come from out of nowhere, making you feel like one of the smartest people in the room. Use your newfound enlightenment to make a difference.

The combination of money-oriented Venus and innovative Aquarius starting on February 1 gives you the freedom to make some bold financial decisions. You’re typically a lot more prudent with your money, but when you see a good opportunity in the next couple weeks, you’ll want to jump on it. Risks are rewarded now.

A Mercury-Mars square on the tenth makes negotiations difficult, mainly because you aren’t sure of the legal terminology or someone else’s motivations. Always get clarity during this aspect, Virgo, or you’ll end up paying for it later.

A Mercury-Venus conjunction on February 13 is the perfect time to profess your true feelings, and if you’re in a relationship where you haven’t said, “I love you” yet, what are you waiting for? Expressing your emotions is never a bad thing. Try it now.

There’s a full moon in your practical sign on the twenty-seventh urging you to clean up your life. You can take that literally or figuratively because both ways have validity. Clean out a closet or get out of a toxic friendship. At the end of the day, lightening your cosmic load feels amazing.

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Your home planet Venus moves out of ambitious Capricorn and into offbeat Aquarius on February 1, giving the start of your month an interesting vibe. As a fellow air sign, you definitely are feeling the urge to make connections with others, but you might choose to do it in an odd way now. If there’s something that hasn’t been done before, you’re first in line to try it.

Be prepared to receive amazing compliments, charming love letters, and other surprising forms of admiration during the Venus-Jupiter conjunction on the eleventh! Your popularity surges now, but you can’t figure out why. Don’t ask questions, Libra. Just enjoy the attention. 

A new moon in freedom-seeking Aquarius, also on February 11, has you paving new paths and blazing new trails. You’re a true pioneer now, and you want to boldly go where no one else has gone before. If you’re an inventor, this is your time to shine. If you have a notebook full of random ideas, share them now.

Loving Venus enters sympathetic Pisces on the twenty-fifth, encouraging you to help someone who really needs it. There are so many worthy causes, and while you can’t get involved in all of them, helping just one person makes a big difference. Someone close to you needs your understanding.

Can the quirky partnership of Venus and Aquarius starting on February 1 do anything to improve your love life or your money situation? Yes, it actually can, Scorpio, if you’re willing to keep an open mind. As a fixed sign, you tend to want to do things your own way, but the smart bet now is to listen to new and different (and yes, even weird) perspectives. 

On the tenth, communicative Mercury squares your co-ruler Mars, kind of putting you on edge when you interact with people. Your energy is high and your suspicions even higher, which can create tension and lead to arguments over virtually nothing. Hold off on making important decisions until another time if at all possible.

A Mars-Neptune sextile on February 13 increases your allure (if that’s possible) and makes other people want to be near you. You love this attention, although you probably won’t admit it. Luckily, you have a strong sense of what’s right and what’s wrong, so there’s little chance of you taking advantage of any of your worshippers!

A trine between your co-rulers Mars and Pluto on the twenty-fourth ends the month on a highly ambitious note. Your assertive yet nonthreatening approach really helps you accomplish your goals now. Cash in on your leadership skills.

The sun is in technologically gifted Aquarius to start the month, which can help you in a lot of different areas, Sag. Download trendy apps, play just-released video games, try a startup streaming service, or upgrade your home computer. The more willing you are to embrace innovation, the more you are rewarded. 

You find yourself in the middle of a lucky streak during the conjunction between Venus and your ruler Jupiter on February 11, which can open all kinds of new doors. Try not to question why something is happening and just be thankful that it is. Think you don’t deserve all of this incredible luck? Think again. 

When the sun enters caring Pisces on the eighteenth, you get a whole month to pay someone back or just pay a good deed forward. This is a very selfless energy, and doing things for other people makes you feel incredibly good. Treating others with compassion and understanding is your main goal now.

The Virgo full moon on February 27 gives you a chance to get things under control in a very literal sense. Clean your house. Organize your office space. Get a better handle on your eating habits and start exercising. A more successful future depends on the changes you make during this lunation.

Money-focused Venus conjoins your ambitious ruler Saturn on February 6, putting you in a perfect position to seriously kick some butt. You naturally tend to look toward long-term investments more than get-rich-quick schemes, but right now you should jump on any ideas that have promise. You should see your wealth increase at a rate that equals your effort.

An Aquarius new moon on the eleventh puts some out-there ideas into your head, which is unusual for a down-to-earth sign like you. Can you shed your practicality long enough to do something zany and unexpected? You might not get a chance like this again anytime soon.

A Saturn-Uranus square on February 17 is an aspect that only happens once every 14 years, and that’s okay with you because this can be a tense time filled with unexpected change. It’s probably obvious to you now which parts of your life are working and which aren’t, but you might feel powerless to do anything about it. Talk about frustrating!

A Virgo full moon arrives on the twenty-seventh in time to help you put some order back into your life. Even small things like organizing a junk drawer or deleting some of your unused apps can give you that feeling of accomplishment that’s been missing.

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