How I Automated Half A Year Of Emails In One Day With Flodesk

How I Automated Half A Year Of Emails In One Day With Flodesk
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I lose motivation to do a passion project very quickly. A couple months in I get bored. The most work that actually gets done is the first couple weeks of being interested, then I lose my engagement rapidly afterward.

So I wanted to make sure I tackle this email marketing automation in a week. But I ended up doing it in one day. The rest of the work is literally automatic and I don’t really have to futz around with it ever again.

One Saturday–yesterday, as I wrote this in the past–I saw down for two hours and designed my emails. There was no writing, because everything I was leading people to was already written in my blog. Or other content I created online.

That’s the magic of having an online business. If people want to take a deeper dive into an expert subject, all it takes is a redirect.

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I sat down and designed all the emails one by one on Canva. You can see my process here. Then, added all the emails into Flodesk, locked and loaded.

I never want to schedule everything right away, because one of the topics I send out in email marketing is a weekly horoscope. It’s only so far ahead in time that I have access to such news. Not scheduling as soon as the moment strikes is also important, because I want to make sure there are no mistakes, missing links I forgot to add in, or in case there is something sensitive in the news that would not make my email appropriate. Nothing really is inappropriate, but just want to be courteous in case there might me something touchy.

Furthermore, there could be a topic that is even more relevant at a certain time that I already have set up for later in another email. If that ever happens, I’d want to be prepared and send the more relevant email instead. I want to be as current as possible checking Google Trends, even though I hate it. But that’s how the world works and if you’re en pointe with what people are looking for, you will always be able to serve people with the best knowledge.

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I still couldn’t believe I got so much done in one day.

The real reason being I’m constantly churning out content on my blog. Every weekday at 7am I have something scheduled and posted. The least ahead I try to be is one week ahead. However, I try to be at least two weeks ahead or even a month if I can.

They say to automate, delegate, and I forgot the third thing.

But keeping the spirit alive in work is important to me. Creating is truly my passion and sharing little gifts that go straight to people’s inboxes is an absolute delight! Remember people typically check their phone and emails first thing in the morning and you’re getting first dibs on their morning daily routine. That’s precious real estate and you have to show up where it counts.

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Automating this task using Flodesk was the best thing I ever did. I tried using Zapier before and it was so confusing. Definitely needed to do tons of homework to get it right. But Flodesk is one of those self-explanatory common sense things. Apple iPhones used to be that way, but optimizing customer experience with Flodesk is like breathing.

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Counting all the emails templates designed, set up with the same formula at the ready, there were 26 total. That meant more than half a year. Considering I don’t want to bother people on certain holiday too much. I want people to unplug and step away from their phones and work. That means it’s most likely going to only be 50 emails a year. Yes, I will have some surprise ones here and there.

Getting people’s expected attention is more than enough. But having them expect me in their inbox is a whole other story. They will rely on my being there either with guidance through social media and online marketing strategies OR guidance through their week according to the stars (horoscopes). I always try to make sure everything is fun, easy, and colorful to read. Whether it’s the language itself or just aesthetically pleasing, I have a good idea of what people want.

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They want to be understood. Helped. Guided. I try to aim those efforts straight to someone’s inbox. That’s the best way of showing up: no makeup, hair, washing your face. Just pure value. And then to automate so you don’t have to think about it later makes you leagues ahead in business.

How do you automate showing up everyday to your audience? I’d love to know more in the comments. Could always use some guidance myself. 🙂

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