How I Grabbed Email Marketing Copywrite By The Balls

How I Grabbed Email Marketing Copywrite By The Balls
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The ultimate question everyone asks when it comes to email marketing is, “What the hell am I even going to write about?” I knew that if I’m going to do email marketing, I’m going to do it right. Well, that applies to everything. 110% full force.

My motivation wavers after a month or two of finding something I want to execute with great passion and I lose all interest. Talking myself out of things is something I’ve excelled at.

How I did research

made the biggest impact on what made me want to start my email marketing game. I deliberately signed up to the email list of some of the more well-known entrepreneurs. I’m not talking about online publications, I’m talking about people known for their funnels who speak to others like me. Namely, Jenna Kutcher, Marie Forleo, Bossbabe, and smaller coaches who aren’t that famous but have tons of clients raking it in constantly.

I looked for female founder consultants of their own freedom based businesses who were always talking about how they hit $300k in a quarter and were in Bali full-time.

Their emails must convert considering how much money they’re making, nurturing clients before and after purchases with follow-ups. Follow ups were what got me and I managed to figure that out too.

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When taking a closer look and dissecting their emails,

I found how easy it was to capture one’s attention. Maybe I was looking too closely and needed to take a step back and adjust my vision, but it was just like talking to a friend. They told about themselves mostly. Specifically how they overcame a certain issue.

A lot of consultants are usually their first client is what I learned. Another way of putting it was it was like someone was talking to a friend. When I initially was setting up my own email marketing templates, I was having a hard time, because I felt like I was conjuring up some sort of “value” by giving tips with a deep explanation. As they did in their emails.

What worked was providing profound insight with an option using my blog. On my personal platform of WordPress, I’d explicate all the details and crevasses not everyone wants to hear right away. (Most people skim anyway according to my heatmap and scrollmap recordings.)

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Breaking emails into sections

Then in emails, I’d create short excerpts of 1-3 tips here and there. One tip is enough to start your morning weekend. The email is broken up into parts.


  1. Heavy subject that leads to my blog with a ton of detail
  2. Sugar candy high subjects like horoscopes or easy tips to do X
  3. Sales

The second subject is something catchy and light that not everyone wants to necessarily see, but a lot of people are magnetized toward these things. It’s like People magazine before checking out at the cash register. You know the tabloids aren’t 100% true but the cover is so bright and addictive at first glance.

For sales, it’s something I’m selling. Literally. It doesn’t have to be buy this now! It’s simply brand awareness. A little ad. 7-9 for people to establish trust with a brand, right? No matter what people are eventually going to click on those services to see what they’re all about.

Even if they’re not convinced the first time they might go back later for a second look. Depending on where they are in their life, they might totally need it or just dismiss it. It doesn’t hurt to share your gifts with the world.

Instead of writing like I was talking to a friend or trying to give value, I simply broke things down the way I do on my blog. It’s a more objective feeling with my own sentiments toward the subject. Though not everyone agrees, they see I’m human and struggle with the same subject also.

At least that’s how I think I sound when I write haha.

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I wanted to make sure I signed up with the right email provider.

Everything was so ugly. I’m not kidding. Whoever did the branding for all of these email marketing companies needs to rethink their strategy. Young people are using email the most and designing them the best, so they have to target these people with more aesthetically pleasing branding. I’m serious.

That’s one of the many reasons I was so attracted to Flodesk. Finally a millennial’s answer to creating chic, modern emails. Not just that, I take it up another notch when designing them in Canva. Flodesk takes images and video, resizes them according to their dimensions and it still looks great. Not all stretched out and pixel-ly compression quality and such. That really ticks me off.

Why would you want your email to be basic and dated? Email is a love letter, a form of old writing, and you’re basically taking out a quill and ink bottle by using other email providers.

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If there was ever a clapback to on-brand emailing, it’s Flodesk. You can get it here for 50% FOR LIFE. That’s $19 a month. And the price doesn’t change as you grow your list–which is what email companies live off of. They’re not cocky wanting a commission each time you add someone to your list. You can relax for once about your bills going up as you grow your business haha.

What are the challenges you face when writing marketing emails? I’d love to know more in the comments.

Gia G. Dixon
Gia G. Dixon

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