The Day My Facebook Ads Blew Up In My Face

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I made sure to make the investment to hire someone when it came to Facebook Ads. I have had so many bad experiences on my own where I spent tons of money, didn’t get the results I wanted, all because I didn’t know what I was doing. 

This is not only the most logical thing to do, but the most time and money-saving move I’ve ever done.

The Ads manager itself is intimidating as it is. It’s like walking into the space station and seeing all the dials. It’s worse than that, because you are willing to throw down $3,000 at a time to get people to see you and your product. 

Don’t forget:

  • the testing
  • the time to take notes on what works based on your analytics
  • going hard increasing your ad spend monumentally during the throwdown of your launch
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I installed this really awesome program called Hotjar into my lead generating page so I can literally record people’s actions when they land on my site. I learned so many things including

  • What people click on
  • How easily people get distracted
  • Quite a lot of people don’t know how internet windows work–even with only one button and zero navigation menus atop

The point of Hotjar: a heatmap + scrollmap, is to study what people’s inclinations and interests are when visiting your page. In case it’s not converting, or getting people to do what you want them to do, you can fix it. For example, if they scroll down only to half the page, you might want to cut down your page into half a page than it originally was. The rest might not be that capturing people’s attention. 

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You’d be surprised at how many things you thought were common sense. People click on things that aren’t clickable or even implied to be.

As I was checking the recordings of my page views, I found visitors staying over 27 minutes to read my blog, but most of all THAT MY SIGN-UP PAGE WASN’T WORKING.

The HTML code for Flodesk in the Teachable page didn’t allow people to click through. There were only a handful of people clicking the Sign Up button, though adamantly, but weren’t allowed simply because of my fuck up of not testing this. I should have known. 

Truth is, I thought I tested this, by having my husband signing up on his phone and seeing if everything worked. I guess I didn’t have him actually sign up. I know I told him though. I know I did. I could blame him for everything haha. But I won’t because it’s my responsibility to understand the ins and outs of my work and do it myself. 

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Don’t rely on anyone else for your success.

With immense panic, I texted my amazing Facebook Ads manager, Lisbeth “Ladyboss” Gabriela, and she paused my ads for me. 

I never had this feeling before and the back of my neck grew really hot. (I later found out this is fight or flight mode from back when humans would have to fight off tigers in the jungle and escape. Your brain sends a message to your body and it sends hormones rushing to all your muscles to prepare it for max human abilities.) 

My fingers were typing 200 words per minute finding out how to install a Facebook pixel into Flodesk thank you page–which you can’t. Then created a Clixli page, but the messenger at the bottom of the window where you ask for help wasn’t available to help me when I had a thousand questions for an entirely new platform.

After seeing the results of people clicking a thousand times on 2 areas where there was nothing to click, not even a piece of code there, I knew I had to create a page with zero distractions, zero navigation bar. 

Eventually, I ended up leading people to this blog. At the top menu, where you see it says Services is where the drop-down menu appears showing the Join The Waitlist page I created. It saved my life. I have tweaked it many times, knowing it absolutely does convert creating leads. But I just want to make things better all the time. 

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As an entrepreneur you don’t stop trying to see what you can do better to improve your situation. It’s not not necessarily perfectionism. It’s a matter of making sales. How can you grow? What else can you do to attract people?

On my Hotjar heatmap account, I still saw people going back and forth on my blog with now even more distractions. Also was surprised at how many people used desktop versus mobile. This is great for me as they can see all the elements of the page and who I am, but not great for converting leads. Give and take for now and will tweak my process as it gets better. 

Visitors have been staying on my site longer–almost half an hour–sitting and reading through a ton of my content, selling my end goal, and making me even more trustworthy. Even seen as an authority in my field, which I’m 100% confident I know I am, because I do this every minute of the day. Helping clients, finding new strategies for them to make more money even if it doesn’t benefit me. I just want to help people get paid and see their worth. 

Marketing is difficult as it is. You can’t just go by the book. Once you do exactly what other people are doing, you’re fucked. You’ve fucked yourself by not thinking what you can offer. Sure you can use templates of funnels here and there, but make it you. That’s your ultimate user selling point. You’re unique as it is, because nobody else is like you. But if you’re selling just another course, you’re selling another product, and not selling what makes you special, you might need to take a step back. If people can connect what they like about you, they are more likely to like what you’re selling.

When creating this sales page (even if something is free you still have to sell it) I knew people have to focus on one thing at a time. But still made it myself, my style, how I would want to be sold. What attracts a certain audience, is what you can use to attract them! Simply put. I am my own client, so I created something that I would purchase. Not just another plain-ass leadpage. Oh baby, it is a leadpage. But it ain’t plain. Use your you-ness. 

That’s why I never understood the point of using someone else’s photo presets to look like another blogger’s posts. Then EVERYBODY LOOKS THE SAME. That’s a whole other story.

Back to my point, I texted Lisbeth within the hour with the link for the new opt-in. She was completely calm, knowing it would be solved trusting in me. I gave her a huge thanks for being so chill. She responded back with, “There can’t be two of us freaking out.” 

A wave of relief and laughter washed over me. Be prepared for anything. But also hire another expert to boost your efforts haha.

Creating a course is difficult enough, but all my energy feel like they’re going into the ads creation. Now that I’ve hired an expert, I only need 99,999,999 other things to focus on now. So. It’s better. 🙂 

Tell me a time when you’ve had a huge panic in your business. I’d love to know the way you handled it in the comments! 

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