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Calling all influencers! Monetize & chill sesh straight from my place. Sign Up now!

Welcome to everything the modern influencer needs to monetize consistently even when you think your niche might be saturated.

Have you always wanted to be paid as an influencer and know you have what it takes? Perhaps you just need technical guidance?

Or you may have been blogging for a while now with a decent following but are only making a few thousand dollars here and there?

Maybe you’re always visiting my blog for more information on how to make it in the influencer business and searching the internet for answers. They’re definitely holding back on the secrets on making their monetization strategies known. It’s also likely that all those social communities online simply don’t have the answer and aren’t sure themselves. Stop scouring the clueless and unsure masses on forums on how to cover your monthly expenses and rent.

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Dealing with brands only doing gifted opportunities loses you so much money as you put so much time and effort into a creating what production teams normally do. Oh and you actually get taxed for gifts in certain countries too.

If you feel like you’re not charging enough–it’s because you’re not.

This is a business not a charity. You have to think like a business owner.

You might say, “I’ve hit $10,000 in brand deals last year.”

Um, people make so much more than that at a regular office job. Let me be the first to tell you that’s peanuts. Especially with brand deals. You should be able to cover a year’s worth of expenses simply from one solid deal.

In Influencer Initiate, I show you how to build, launch, and scale a strategy to sponsor your sleep. You will literally wake up to money in your PayPal/Stripe account.

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how to become an influencer overnight

Wondering who this is for?

  • Pre-influencers + pre-bloggers who are willing to nail everything it takes and execute their plans 100%
  • Traditional bloggers who have been in the game for a while
  • Social media experts
  • Social media mavens and/or strategists
  • YouTubers
  • Personal brands
  • Professional brands

If you’re the face of your business, this is definitely for you. If your life is controlled by your device, who you’re connecting with, and how you’re reaching people online, this is for you.

What To Expect

  • Monthly content ideas straight to your inbox
  • Pandemic-proof + Algorithm-proof strategies to fulfill your quarterly-yearly income goals
  • How to get paid partnerships & keep them coming
  • Precise details on what to include in your contracts
  • How to price yourself properly + negotiate up while sounding reasonable
  • Growing your following and business with organic marketing
  • Launching a full on influencer retirement plan so you aren’t confined to your the internet everyday
  • Generating multiple streams of income so you don’t have to worry ever again
  • A schedule to work only 1-2 days a week or 30 minutes a day depending on how you like to work
  • All my personal and professional resources with technical tutorials included

It’s basically the mother of all courses and shows you how to be a business, run a business, and survive a business. We specifically reverse engineer your goals to reach your income needs with extra. You will also learn how to get responses the efficient way so you don’t have to send out 100 pitches as an email-sending machine.

But most of all, we deconstruct the value of running a business so you can work less and get paid more. This means producing careful plans to arrange the automation of your business. If your business can run without you–you’ve got a business. If your business can’t monetize once you step away, you’re running a job.

Oh, and I completely forgot to mention the community of baddies that have your back in a charming Facebook group that’s members only. You need that intentional community to get you through it all, because this is not a lonely journey.

If nobody told you, aside from me, being a content creator is a legit business. You need to start thinking like a business owner. This is basically business school without the MBA and crazy debt haha.

Don’t believe me? Influencers are masters of creative direction. Bloggers are founders of their own online publications. Personal brands are marketing strategists that know how to get their audience engaging for all the right reasons.

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Brands ask influencers to create campaigns for them for a lump sum as opposed to commercial directors alone who get $100k for simply crafting a 30 second ad. Think about it. How much are you charging as it is? Nowhere near enough lol.

If you haven’t known already, I’m Gia Dixon, influencer agent. I have a few other businesses of my own and have collaborated with influencer for affiliate and influencer marketing flights. This means I’ve experienced both sides of the industry for 5 years and most of all: saw who thrived in the lockdown.

I also thrived in the lockdown, creating a blog that reached 52,088 views in the third week of launching without ads, or extra marketing outside my Instagram and Facebook. Honestly, I didn’t even really put it on Facbeook and those who saw my Instagram had no idea what I was talking about. How? I used what I elarned in business. (You get to learn that in the course too, duh!)

What you will gain is everything I’ve learned in my expertise–being on both sides of the business and mastering the enterprise the endlessly successful way.

You could keep wandering aimlessly with waves of getting paid with the same insane amount of work you’re putting in. Or access the ultimate secrets they don’t post on the internet to reach your dream income with my sustainable system!

What are some things you’re looking forward to in the course? What are some things you’re dying to learn in the influencing scene? Would love to know your feedback, always. 🙂

Gia G. Dixon
Gia G. Dixon

I’m Gia G. Dixon, an ILM certified etiquette consultant based in Los Angeles. Here is my guide to feminine style, wellness, and things that make your daily life glamorous.

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