How To Design Your Website To Look Expensive and Professional AF For Free

Forget everything you think you know about design. 

how to make a high end website for free

Now think of a list of all the brands you love and what makes them stand the fuck out. I’m sure a lot of you said minimalism or thought of something that was done with high production value with a huge advertising budget. Now think of companies that are massively successful that you’re familiar with.

Did you think of Chanel? Sephora? CB2? Le Creuset. H&M. Fendi. Valentino. Tom Ford. Apple.

What do they all have in common? 

Their logo is simple af. Literal block letters. 

luxury lifestyle websites

Rule #1: Fuck your logo.

People who are die-hard fans who will accept free shit any day from these brands and love them but don’t fully understand why. 

It usually takes me 2 days to put a full website together with all the polished details. But creating a site that looks the least done up takes an extra two days of cleaning everything up to make it appear as if nothing else exists except for the minimal content featured.

rough luxe style

Rule #2: Do the least.

This goes for brand design. Make sure your logo isn’t in difficult to read or in cursive. Remember, a lot of people don’t actually know how to even write in cursive these days. How easy would it be for them to read it? It’s almost like writing in a disappearing language, sad to say. 

Make all your fonts extremely legible. Body paragraphs in serif fonts. Headline and title fonts large, and black. If you’re not an already established brand that people can recognize, make your text and all your fonts even easier to read. 

The faster you can get into people’s heads without them blinking in less than 3 seconds and swiping away your site on their iPhone, the better. Don’t try to be fancy and catch people’s attention ASAP.

best luxury websites 2021

Do everything you can to have your content as juicy as possible. Don’t have too much copywrite. People have a tendency to write a fucking novel and I don’t even skim it anymore. Unless it’s something I know I’m 99% going to buy or 80% am thinking about it, I don’t even read the paragraphs and pages of content you thought of. I’m already convinced if there’s only one good paragraph, with catchy enough copy in the first two lines.

Have your biggest headlines be as magnetic as possible and really think about it. It’s like email subject lines. You have to think of the least marketing-est/salesy way to catch people’s attention without them realizing.

Doing the least also means making the most out of a high quality photoshoot. Invest in a photographer. Even if they’re cheap, get the job done and spend more on the photo editor. I’m not exaggerating. It’s helped me all this time and I’ve stepped my game levels ahead because of this. 

A picture is worth a thousand words and all you need is a couple really good photos for branding. Do your research for local photographers in your area who work by the hour and prepare as much as you can together before your collaboration to make sure you work well on the project together. 

luxury site

Doing less separates the amateurs from the pros and you can tell when visiting a site who is expensive and who is not even allowed to charge $20. Those with an expensive looking site can obviously charge more. With this said, having the least on your site can also make it look like you’re delivering more, because you didn’t state so much to begin with. Understate and overdeliver always.

If having a website that looked luxe was easy, everybody would do it. But they don’t.

I visit websites for my clients all the time for businesses that are messy af with shit everywhere. These are also the same people that ask to get their product promoted for free by someone with 100k+ followers. There’s a reason why nobody is buying from them or working with them. They’re out of their minds and haven’t taken a good look at themselves.

high end design

Rule #3: Be clear af.

If you have another page for services, say what your service is in one or two words. Then describe it in bullet points underneath. Add the price if it’s not super tailored and has set in stone costs.

You’re not helping anybody if you’re trying so hard to be mysterious as a beginner business and actually need to be solving a customer’s problem. Make sure you’re solving your customer’s problems. Go out of your way to do extra shit and go the distance.

Create a page for people to reach you and make it smooth as possible including your email at the top. If someone is trying to reach you and you simply have an empty contact form, gtfo. In case people want to send you something with attachments to exemplify something they really need help with and want your specialized expertise on a service, put your email address on your contact form. 

This also helps in case something is wrong with the contact form. Also add your email on your social platforms typed out in the bio. Not just in a button. You will make a thousand people’s lives easier that you will never realize.

luxury goods website

For an about page describe:

  • Who you are
  • Where you are located
  • How someone can contact you–insert email/contact form hyperlink here
  • Why you created this website/blog/business
  • Who is your targeted audience
  • How you can help these people and redirect them to your services page in a hyperlink

Tip: Always hyperlink your pages to another page in your website. It builds domain authority.

A way to make sure your navigation is en pointe is to do the mom test. Make sure someone in an older generation has an easy and comfortable time navigating everything on your site. If they’re struggling, you need to redo your page and make the user experience is less complicated. It should be a cake walk and nobody should have a load of questions when they land on your site.

I sincerely hope this helps and let me know if you have any questions in the comments! Have you visited a shitty site? I’d love to know your thoughts.

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