3 Reasons Why I Created Power Femme

how to start online business with no money

If you haven’t noticed by now a lot of the insights on business and blogging are free. Because it should be and a lot of it is on the internet if you search hard enough. 

There are much better blogs than mine that have more information, but this one is better because it doesn’t only have better branding, it’s painfully honest af, and I put my own personal experience into it. At least that’s why I think it’s good lol people could probably hate it so much.

But from my experience, people have asked me questions based on purely my personal account. So I know it helps when people might be similar to me and put themselves in my shoes.

First off, who is this for?

  • If you’re a female founder of online coaching services
  • you have an e-commerce store
  • someone who wants to market and advertise online
  • a virtual assistant and/or social media manager
  • an ads specialist
  • a wannabe influencer
  • an all star influencer
  • the face of your business online and in-person
  • a fabulous femme executive in the corporate workspace
  • every female with ambition in between who is just trying to figure out how to do her taxes

I got you.

1. Resources as Bossbabe Inc. and Forbes are too textbook and basic. 

Don’t get me wrong. Both are great, but there’s nothing there I haven’t heard a million times that I haven’t tried. Also, I get really specific into the influencer and business world, so we’re different that way. It’s hard to compare apples and oranges. 

Times are changing and influencers are running full fledged businesses from their homes. This means people are looking to the internet for more inspiration than there ever was in any lifetime. 

I’m here to step up your influence and business with any obscure questions that have been thrown your way. If you have any specific, unique shit that happens to you, let me know and I’ll help you as much as I can and even get back to you later with more info on it! 

This blog isn’t for the basic bish. It’s for femme founders who want to take action in their lives. If you have a question ever, feel free to leave a comment. I always answer as fast as I can.

how to start online business from home

2. Being an entrepreneur is a lifestyle.

Being an entrepreneur isn’t just about working until you’re rich. It’s finding a balance, taking a step back to let other experts take over, and let your business run on its own. It’s a whole shift after you create something that can stand on its own. Aside from that, there’s a whole mindset that comes with being a business owner. Trust me, I practice what I post. 

None of this is meant to be pretty all the time and that’s exactly why we’re here. It’s funny because I aim more targeted audience toward as much females as possible, yet males still find their way to my blog to get down in the business insights. Everyone is welcome. Take what you can.

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3. Influencer are business owners. 

I’ve never seen anybody in any industry hustle harder. For real. I haven’t seen someone sit down hitting up all these strangers to partner up with, learn about business cycles, take a deep dive into someone’s backstory for their company, and truly hustle to get work. 

That’s the spirit. I really want to keep the hunger alive for as long as possible, because you get tired fast and once you make it, people can tell when you’ve given up. 

I’ve seen so many influencers become complacent, because they thought they hit the jackpot making $250 for every pitch they made. Are you high? I can get my clients paid $250 a minute if I deal the cards right. You can learn how to do all that properly here.

If you don’t keep aiming high, you’re not going to get anywhere, and that’s all I see these influencers wishing. A lot of them don’t want to do the work and if you pay other people to do it that’s cool. But if you’re expecting cash in hand for sitting around taking selfies, you’re in the wrong place. 

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BONUS REASON: I fucking love blogging. It’s a way to find higher education.

Traditional blogging is the OG way to learn if you’re scouring the internet for answers. When you google something, where do you find answers? Blogs. Even if people skim shit it’s from a listicle in a blog post. When you’re looking for reviews and there are no product reviews directly on a site or customer reviews for a course, where do you go? Blogs. When you find a controversial piece of news? Where is the source from? An online publication that is also another form of a what? Blog.

Blogs answer a lot of questions and help tons of people each day. You can’t knock something that drops proper knowledge in context that can be as specific to your situation than in someone’s personal experience that they’ve recorded online in a what? Blog.

If any of this makes you clap, roll your eyes, or even laugh, I’d love to know your feedback in the comments below! Thanks for reading this til the end and I tenderly appreciate you.

Gia G. Dixon
Gia G. Dixon

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