How Much Money To Put Into Facebook Ads & The Basics of How They Work

How Much Money To Put Into Facebook Ads & The Basics of How They Work
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As a small business owner, I found out how to get 2,000 people on my site each day without getting a single sale lol. This was with my clothing store. I’ve always struggled with sales, but not marketing. Funneling is difficult af but I’ve managed to get consistent clients with a lot of trial and error. 

This meant spending over $1,000 on ads for my first 2 initial businesses I opened in 2020. It was a hard sell as I was offering to the wrong people at the wrong time on top of it all hahaha. I know people loved my work, but just couldn’t afford it so it was the wrong audience. But I knew I had something there as I’ve had tons of experience and clients before in person!

The funny thing is I don’t struggle with sales in person at all, so online is definitely a different strategy when you’re talking with a stranger that you’re not face to face with. 

Marketing should be your biggest budget and challenge if you’re not already a big name or don’t have a big name to piggyback off of. Even big names struggle, as Jennifer Lopez opened a clothing line 3 fucking times and all failed. She’s worth $300+ million and still struggled. So you’re not alone!

Truth is ads help. If you have an expert to guide you every step of the way–even better. 


I took some ads classes that helped me monumentally, but it takes so much time, effort, skill to hone, and so much to master. That’s why people charge so much for ads. Because they’re worth it and should be paid $890q235789104857904857 more. 

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As I grow, I’m definitely going to give my ads manager raises as she stays with me throughout the years, if she wants to. Collaborating with a facebook + instagram ads manager is the smartest thing I did and worth every cent. Check out my personal genius Lisbeth right here. 

My first mistake

When I first started with ads for my art store, I put in $100 to target thousands of people in countries I wanted to sell to. This also meant I added multiple languages, more than one subject of interest, and no testing. I didn’t have a Facebook Pixel attached so I had no idea who my audience was unless they signed up to my email list.

Just expensive shit right off the bat that will have any Facebook ads/marketing expert shaking their head. I can laugh about it now so it’s cool. 

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How to Solve This

  1. $100 is fine when you’re testing. You will want to create 10 ads with $10 and test them first. Then, use your whole $100 or more on the add that performs best. If you look carefully at the click through rates, impressions, and what your actual goals are, Facebook basically tells you from the get-go if they like your ad or not. They make the ad super expensive if they want you to turn it off.
  2. Only use 1 language and one country at a time. You can test multiple tongues and locations on the same add and compare which does the better.
  3. Test more one subject at a time. For example, don’t put interests in cupcakes and marbles. Just put cupcakes if you’re a cupcake bakery. You can also test other interests on the same ad too and see which does better. You can find your audience this way and keep selling to those people over and over again. If you have a strong personal brand, these people will be your die-hard followers who buy every single item you put out there. Be wise in targeting one at a time.
  4. Add your Facebook Pixel to your ads and landing page–if you have one. This helps you find your ideal audience who wants you and retargets them later to bump into them again. The Pixel helps you garner a warm audience AKA people who have seen you before and are starting become familiar with who you are!
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Should you do ads?

Yes. Try them at least a few times to see what sticks and have a plan of doing it so you’re not aimlessly wandering with no leads.

If you create ads carefully, benefits include:

  • More eyes on what you’re doing
  • Awareness of your brand and who you are
  • Faster growth on your social media platforms
  • Your business grows faster in general
  • More eyes on your landing page
  • Email marketing leads who sign up to your list
  • Finding your audience for your niche
  • A die-hard following who wants you and your services

They say it takes 7-9 times for people to establish that you’re a trustworthy brand. Not putting money into marketing is the stupidest fucking thing you can do to fuck yourself. If you think you’re smart for not running ads, you’re wrong. 

Yes, you can have free marketing with Vogue by submitting and pitching editorial content. But you can’t rely on one stint 5ever. You have to keep pushing the envelope by reaching more people. Especially if you’ve been featured on Vogue, make it easier for people to find you and share this valuable info with. They will want you even more and look for value even in the nonsensical shit you put out simply because you paid your dues.

Pinterest ads are even taking over as they say people who do Pinterest marketing make significantly more money than those who don’t. They’re also cheaper than Facebook ads, because of the smaller audience and because Pinterest only recently became public. It’s a search engine like Google and Youtube, so people can find you easier. Instagram just jumped on the bandwagon of being a searchable platform. 

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How Much Money Should You Put Into Facebook Ads?

This varies, but I will share my strategy with you. I believe in being transparent af, because you are probably a small biz and deserve all the eyes you can get. 

It is said depending on your profit, put X-40% into marketing. I trust my own instincts and set aside $1,000 each month toward ads. That’s ad spend, not my ads manager. She gets a separate pay not included in the ad spend of course. 

$1,000 is included for the first couple months of targeting multiple subjects, interests, and audiences. I wanted to create a contract with her to last us the whole 2021 as a team together to reach as much people as possible. This is aimed at growing my social platforms, but to show people what I’m offering on my blog as a newbie. My whole 2021 is basically going to be a giant Super Bowl ad, because it’s the tried and true method of growing your following, spreading your brand, and advertising. IDGAF whatever people say, I’m so proud of my strategy and having found the right person to work with! ๐Ÿ˜€ 

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I simply am using ads to boost my organic Instagram posts through the Facebook Ads manager to target people carefully and lead people to my site. If they like my shit, which they most likely will because I carefully curated the people who can see it, they can stay a while on my blog and learn a ton of interesting stuff. OR ditch it if they don’t and possibly stay on my Instagram for a visit. Either way I’m getting eyes on my brand.

If you’re really small, you can put $250 into each ad after testing and that can gain you enough leads to accumulate a warm audience to sell to. It all depends on your goals of how much you want to make, spend, and how many people you want to reach vs. how many die-hard fans of your work you want to reach. 

There’s a difference in targeting random cold audiences, which is the hardest, and reaching people who are already getting a sense of who you are.

You can spend less on those you already know want you and may have seen you before by your Facebook Pixel and Google analytics based on your landing page visits. Or you can spend even more knowing they’re definitely going to buy your shit and pump ads into targeting those people as powerfully and often as possible. 

It also depends how you spend it. From my beginner understanding, you can put $100 into an ad that runs 5 days OR put $100 with a lifetime spend on however much time you want to spend that money, because you know who your target audience is. This could mean you spend $100 all in one day and that’s the shortest amount of time you can put into an ad. 

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The reason you need an expert on ads

Facebook ads isn’t just putting shit together. I myself have used Google Ads and kind of got to an intermediate level, because I always had a natural eye for what people like to see and am magnetic that way. 

For example, when running Google Ads alone, my husband was trying to help me run it at the very beginning. He’s the least creative person you will ever meet and very left brained which is HORRIBLE for ads. 

I was selling art and he literally typed in the ad headline, “Art for sale”. WTF. GTFO out of my face with that shit. He was fired immediately. There’s a reason why tons of people are so unsuccessful at design and anything online. Because it’s harder than people think. Even Google Ads told him to GTFO because it went red and said “weak” lmao. I ended up headlining with, “Fine Art Socially Distanced”, and “Take the gallery home.” Google was fucking obsessed and it costed me like $0.05 to get eyes on each link.

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There’s a formula. 


Since Facebook now owns Instagram, everything has to be under their specific fascist rules. 

Basic things as

  1. You cannot mention anything about money and have to stay away from promising or guaranteeing anything. Facebook has been sued multiple times for not losing 10 pounds within a week or making $1,000 in a few days from an online challenge or course.
  2. Be specific af. If you are selling clothes and want people to visit your online store, MAKE IT FUCKING CLEAR. Don’t dance around shit. If you want people to visit your blog, say that. Calls to action have to be concise and loud and clear. You shouldn’t have to guess what an ad is talking about. No, “Let’s connect!’ Yes to, “Send me a DM if you have questions or want to collaborate on a project!” The more specific, the more Facebook will reward you with more eyes on your ad. 
  3. Images shouldn’t really have word. This is a hard one. Some ads with limited graphics or a percentage of words as 20% or a lower ration to the ad image is optimal. Allegedly.
  4. Photos of items should be organic and not really photoshopped. This is also a hard one, because you can do them if they pass all the specific little rules Facebook wants you to abide by. But you can also be penalized and land in Facebook jail for cool graphics. It’s annoying af and hard to get approved if you don’t know what you’re doing. So try to stick to selfies or a branded photoshoot image you already have. Don’t go crazy, ‘cause Facebook hates shit that doesn’t look like organic content you already have up on your/anybody’s profile.

There’s so many more things to consider when creating advertising and a marketing plan, so you’re better off focusing on what you do best and outsourcing for that position. Facebook ads take a fuckton of time, studying, and that’s why people are properly certified in it. Don’t think you can handle everything, because you can only master a few things at a time. If you can and do it and are willing to put in the months of learning and implementing and spending money on it–go ahead! 

I’ve done all that and haven’t been more frustrated. Lisbeth, my ads manager, has saved my life and time. I can actually focus on the important content for you to have at your fingertips. Happy advertising and I’ll post more on my ads strategy too!

What has been your struggle with advertising or marketing? I’d love your feedback in the comments. ๐Ÿ™‚

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