My January 2021 Daily Routine

My January 2021 Daily Routine
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I don’t think doing one set of daily tasks every morning makes me productive. Though I do have some habits I definitely stick like multiple cups of coffee and listening to my body. This is what I’ve been trying to stick to this month.

When I wake up around 10 am, it’s a matter of brushing my teeth and washing my face. Minimal product for skincare, because I am indoors and I want one product to do its job at a time. This entails washing my face, using toner, and then either a serum or moisturizer. I alternate each day.

Note that I ALWAYS have a notepad with a pen–I don’t believe in erasing mistakes–some coffee, tea, or water, and sticky notes for short term tasks that need to be done. I’ve proven time and time again that you don’t need to wake up at the crack of dawn to get shit done. Here’s how I hack it.

After ablutions, I take on the day with a vengeance, and a chilled out mindset knowing I have a lot to do. Let’s get started.

Waking up a bit earlier, but still trying to get enough sleep.

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This is tough for me, because my husband typically gets home a few minutes before midnight. I want to spend time with him having a cup of tea and chatting up what he did for the day. 

Sleep is something I cannot mess with that turns my day upside down. One night of missed sleep can turn into a week of havoc. So it’s a balancing act as I’m slowly trying to wake up earlier each day–goal is 8-9 am. 

Because I still have nights where my work gets turned on its head to a nocturnal session of emails to worldwide time zones and I’m stuck corresponding to emails that need responses asap. 5 am sleeping times are not unheard of in my realm of work.

Decide whether it’s going to be a 1 coffee day or a 2 coffee day.

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Depending on how much work I got done the day before, I can determine how my coffee intake for the present day. Even if I did get a lot of work done the 8 hours previous, I still might have to tackle a day that requires more pumping out responses and negotiations. 

Or if I’m not working on that, it can turn to a day of writing blog posts all for my blog and handling the maintenance it takes to have a blog. This could be SEO duties, site speed management, or planning content + promotion strategies. Or outfit planning for future photoshoots and administration for scheduling all the people for that. There’s always lots to be done.

I will skip a coffee and just have a peppermint/green tea if I’m exhausted and need a day of mental + physical rest. Everyday I also have a gallon of water next to me, because hydration is the brain’s best friend! 

Here is my breakdown of my actual list and tasks to undertake for most days:

  1. Writing at least 75 emails a day for some clients (that’s not even for all my clients; always trying give them more)
  2. Writing 10-13 articles 1,000 words each
  3. Doing SEO to add to 13,000 words for those articles
  4. Writing copywrite for 9 brands–the side hustle is real
  5. Creating graphics for those businesses to go with the copy–this is so fun
  6. Helping my grandpa’s biz with instrument synopses for his site
  7. Reading & writing hundreds of messages with clients << I love chatting with y’all
  8. Learning in 3 business courses simultaneously, because I’m always learning for you guys!
  9. All while listening to 4 audiobooks a day + 5 podcasts << this is going on in the background while I work and I turn up the speed or even pause them while working to focus on particular tasks.

I have a Google Calendar full of organized tasks, but still can derail plans when it comes to what kind of day of it is and the speed I’m moving.

Instead of taking breaks, I switch positions.

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This to me is a sort of a break. Yes, I take a few minutes here and there to keep morale up. This consists of taking time for myself to prepare and eat lunch, shower, do my makeup and perfume, or even switch hats and create educational videos. 

When I mention “switch positions” this is literal. Sitting at a desk for a long period of time is really difficult as it causes tons of pain and stress on areas of your body. My sister in law’s arms are out of commission because of this. Radial tunnel syndrome is no joke. 

When I’m not working on my desktop, I switch to my lap top and work on the floor. It gives me a way to stretch my legs while working. I lie on my belly and it forces my neck to stretch upwards for better posture. You might think I’m joking, but lying on my belly has done wonders for my backpain, sciatica nerve, and neck positioning. 

Different desktops also give me different access to multiple tasks. My desktop is more optimized for writing emails. The lap top is better for learning in my classes, courses, and I can take it anywhere around the home to watch design tutorials while brushing my teeth and preparing food. It’s more of a start-of-the-end-of-the-day thing and wraps up my work.

When I’m lying on the floor to stretch and working on my lap top I ALWAYS have a notebook with a pen beside me (even at my desktop) and some sticky notes. Then there is coffee, tea, or water on the same right side of me.

Nightly Conclusion:

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I like to shower at night so I feel fresh before bed with a spritz of perfume to remind myself of the nice things in life. Some people have a luxurious ritual of taking a bath or oils or something. I’m very simple. 

After showering–I typically shower right before I see people is another reason why I shower nightly. It’s also an escape and refresh from the rest of my day to start anew. If I’m not visiting my grandpa’s business for more work, I’m showering before my husband gets home, or just for the sake of hygiene of course. 

My teeth are brushed and flossed and body lotioned or oiled depending on the day’s activity of dryness. I might cut my nails because they grow fast and I hate when they get in the way of my typing/become dirty at all. 

As you can see work takes up pretty much all of my day. Coffee is the fuel and supplements and probiotics are taken before bed with a possible cup of tea if not plain water. I heard probiotics do their best work when your body is sleeping and recharging. I have definitely felt a bit of a little bit more difference, but it could be just in my mind as nothing is proven. But sleep around 1-2 am. Earliest 1 am if I’m knackered.

I love switching up my routine and can’t wait to update it soon and share it with you guys! Is there anything that stands out to you that you think I should be doing but have missed? I’m not an affirmations person–just a take action person. I’d love to know your feedback.

Gia G. Dixon
Gia G. Dixon

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