My 5 [Brand] Goals & Mission Statement For 2021

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This is going to be a deliciously nourishing year of information. The first thing about having a brand is finding your purpose. You can’t successfully have a following when you have no intent or goal. I’m not here to judge or criticize, but being famous is a goal. Just not specific enough. I honestly don’t care what your aspirations are, but you’re still going to have to dive deeper than that. Be famous……for what?

I have new years resolutions, yes, but a lot of people throw them aside, because they can’t handle being held accountable. Aside from that, I ALWAYS have goals. Every week, every month, every day I have a monumental list of endless milestones I want to accomplish. 

My biggest goals for 2021 are:

1. Helping more female founders connect. 

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There are tons of businesses out there constantly trying to network and advertise but don’t know where to start. Strategy is everything and as I have been reaching out to more and more female founders. I find they don’t want to work with my blog, because I’m not famous or they just have no idea who I am, which is fine. For some reason though, I find it odd that a small business with an aligning audience wouldn’t want to share their expertise with my 30k+ weekly readers. But that’s on them and I’m here to help lol. 

#LOEPF or League of Extraordinary Power Femmes is where I produce a list of collaboration-worthy entrepreneurs and some insight to their services if I’ve personally worked with them before. Otherwise, they are strong women I have been watching and following their journeys on the sidelines as a super fan. These small business owners are for you to network with and I genuinely want to show off your skills and promote your services. My blog is getting bigger and I’m going to start charging soon, so get your free shit asap while you still can.

2. Show Your More of the Entrepreneur Lifestyle

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Being an entrepreneur is more than just creating jobs and taking action on brilliant ideas. It’s a whole lifestyle and commitment that goes with it if you want to be successful. 

There are a thousand blogs that show you their mindset, productivity hacks, and actions met outside of your reach. What I mean by that is I’m aspirational in a different way. For example, someone will tell you they do yoga every morning or work out at 4 am, because some other successful Power Femme is getting shit done this way. I show you more practical alternatives that make you feel good the sneaky/intelligent way, more practical ways that don’t involve feeling sick and keeling over by 3 pm, and sustainable practices you can keep up with.

People want to better their routines to make themselves the best they can be to show up for their tasks, but go too hard on extremes. Maybe it’s a French thing I picked up, but crash diets don’t work and neither do these ways of life outside of your natural order. You can still be productive and wake up at 11am. I sure do haha. 

I actually get even more done the later I wake up because I realize the urgency of wanting to get as much done before sundown. Everyone is different and I just show you my way of being able to get your duties fulfilled while still being able to do whatever you want!

3. Motivate the fuck out of you by showing what you can do.

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Dude. I’m nobody. Everybody knows that. Sometimes I even step out of my league, only because I have confidence and love taking risks outside my comfort zone. That’s how easy it is. But when they see you have the nerve, you will get noticed. It shows others how much you are willing to put in the work to grow, and if they turn you down you can always come back stronger! 

People think you’re crazy for dreaming so big when you are small. But once you reach the top, they realize how fabulous you are and how you were right all along. Trust your instincts, because you can reach your goals as long as you have a strategy, and do everything in your power to create that path. I just make it easier by showing you the ins and outs of how I did it. If someone makes something look easy, it’s because they’re really good at it. If it seems really simple, it’s because it is but took a lot of consistency and work. It just validates what you know and carves out the sweat you have to put into it. Never forget that. 

4. Reach more of the right people

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I’m legit not trying to sell you anything. My services are literally an in-depth secret source of everything I offer on this blog for free. However, I still want to help more people reach their goals and put their ambition into action. A fuckton of people have the desire but aren’t willing to put in the work. If I achieve anything this year, it’s finding those actionable Power Femmes who want to reach for the stars by putting the work in. 

Knowledge isn’t power. You can be the smartest person in the room who knows everything but does nothing with it. Knowledge is harnessing power. Action is power. 

Searching for the goal getters who want to make a change in their world is who I’m looking for and I’m going to find them even if it takes years. Expediting this process with ads, I’m still going to do it and know I can, because everything I’ve wanted to do before that I worked for has happened. And I want to help those who want to be helped. Even if it’s 3 people in 2021, my job has been done and it’s just the beginning.

5. Be the authority in the influencing information field & help bloggers shine.

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This is a part of my daily routine goals. There are tons of fabulous other mavens who can do what I do, but what sets me apart from them is the truth. I don’t give shiny shit and fluff to my readers. These are legit principles and strategies I’ve implemented that have worked for me and my crew of incredible online talent. There is no one else who will do it exactly how I do it and how you do it. Copying is not the way to go when expressing yourself on socials, because why would you want to be like someone else when you’re not? Everyone has their own version of success and I’m here to help you rip through the noise without the bullshit. 

You are fantastic the way you are and I’m not here to say be like me and you’ll be successful. I’m just here to give you the tools that helped my extremely unique individuals that are my clients and myself stand out in this online industry. Everyone and their mom is an influencer these days. How you do you is your strength and I’m going to help you scream that without having to say a word.

Gia G. Dixon
Gia G. Dixon

I’m Gia G. Dixon, an ILM certified etiquette consultant based in Los Angeles. Here is my guide to feminine style, wellness, and things that make your daily life glamorous.

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