My Biggest Influencer Marketing Discoveries As An Influencer Agent In 2020

You look fantastic for someone who survived 2020! Go you! People think this year was a “dumpster fire” lol. But I saw it more in the eyes of Rumaisa Khawaja. She stated how 2020 was the year to get your shit together, pivot, and master your new way of life. 

  • Creative entrepreneurs could actually sit down and focus on their craft
  • Influencers found out what their audience truly wanted from them and garnered a whole new level of connection
  • You didn’t see people on social media flying on private jets because everyone was stuck indoors being in touch with themselves
  • People paid more attention to their families 
  • Our individual health was put on the front line, making us even more careful of our personal hygiene, diet, even skincare routines (we should already be on top of all these but aren’t)

I learned how disgusting people are and how they don’t wash their hands lol. It’s so simple but people never do it. I know my husband doesn’t do it as I have to force him when we come home from the grocery store and he tries to handle my food. Are you kidding me.

Brands came out of the woodwork to be realized as broke af. Other brands zeroed in on their intentions to work with influencers for longer periods of partnership, because they knew their audience aligned with certain content creators. This meant steady work for specialized niches and more money to those digital ladybosses who honed their craft. 

The most watched topic online this year was food. Then beauty–the more pandemic-proof subcategory of skincare << companies that updated their annual reports by quarterly cycles pointed out pigmented cosmetics were out and skin routines are in. 

People stepped up their influencer marketing game, because it made huge LLCs and conglomerates think small again and reached a more engaged audience. 

Influencers who wanted to work with their favorite brands for a long time even had to take a step back, reevaluate their offers and either remove deliverables, or give hefty discounts for their services in contracted invoices. 

If you’re a black influencer, more fucking power to you, because this is the year your story finally started to unfold under the spotlight. I’m so happy brands collaborated with people who need a voice, because they exist and need representation 100%. This has been quite the buildup as the beauty world for a while now. Iman, I see you.

I was always pissed growing up that there were no Hollywood stars who looked like me and now other people–who I can’t even imagine how they feel–are being partnered with, because brands stood with them to show their support. That alone is applause worthy.

Taylor Swift was finally searched more than Kim Kardashian this year according to Google Trends. 

People in the USA, even if there is an election keep using your hashtags because you will be seen worldwide. Don’t think national. Think international when it comes to your following. You want to reach as many people as you can, don’t you?

What were some of the positives and negatives you learned in 2020 in the influencer realm? I’d love to know what you think as I’m sure I’ve missed things. Comment below!

Gia G. Dixon
Gia G. Dixon

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