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how to monetize a blog 2021
how to monetize a wordpress blog

For those badasses out there wanting to take action and turn their influence into a full-time monetizing career, you have come to the right place. I created influencer initiate to not only give you the tools to thrive in the industry, but give yourself a sense of self awareness to know where you might need to improve.

You may have the big following, but a little bit of polishing here and there definitely helps wonders. It’s obvious to see which blogger will be successful in the long run simply by the layout of their website or Instagram bio.

Sniffing these issues out are difficult to pin, but I give you a clear checklist, along with all the rules of the game. I even show you how to keep your following and grow it some more in this tricky new algorithm. (Seriously, Instagram needs to get their shit together, but I got you.)

This is a safe space for influencers who have organic followers only, and devoted to creating consistently high quality content. It ain’t easy as you may already know. But I make it easier for you by validating what you might already know, and showing you secrets brands are specifically looking for. You will be strides ahead of the pack and the high paying partners will recognize this immediately.

Come check out Influencer Initiate, a one-on-one tailored coaching call where you can pick my brain, with all the services included under Influencer Initiate. This entails a payment plan, a pay-in-full plan, and specific lessons on the things you might have not mastered entirely.

All of this information comes from my personal experience from working both sides of the industry. I can’t wait to collaborate with you and drop some deep knowledge on all the things you need to monetize!

how to monetize a blog 2021

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