PR Pitch Subject Line Examples: What I Use To Get Responses Every Time

Influencers understand how PR pitching is a lot of work as it is. Getting your email opened is a whole other lesson. Email subject lines are little bombs you have to drop to get people’s attention. They’re the pattern interrupters, the clap that wakes you up during a tender nap, the smoke alarm that goes off when you didn’t realize how high the cooking heat was. Whatever it is, you have to turn people’s heads.

You can be creative or entertaining by making them silly, but remember this is still a professional place for someone. The emails public relations representatives receive are not only in batches of 500 at a time, but are also not their personal inbox. 

Remember to be careful when sending a subject line and make sure it doesn’t sound inappropriate. Be personable, yourself, and maybe even a little irreverent and sarcastic. But don’t cross the line with a question and a sentence answering with an exclamation point. It’s cheesy.

If you put 100 exclamation points in the subject line they might trash it or put it in spam. You can put 20 exclamation marks within the email itself but the subject line is a whole other story. 

A little trick to actually get someone to open up your email is to put “Re: x “ in the beginning. If you mention a regarding abbreviation, it will look like they opened and corresponded in that email before and automatically are motivated to check it.

PR pitch email subject line examples:

“Re: X Partnership”

“Re: Potential Collab”

“Re: X brand x @instahandle”

“Re: X brand x [blog name]“

“Re: Partnership Opportunity”

“Hi [brand rep name]! Campaign Ideas Here”

“Re: Infallible Marketing Strategy”

“Re: Influencer Collab”

“Re: @instahandle influencer”

“Re: New Launch Promo”

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