#LOEPF Socially Taylored’s Taylor Graham Hashtag Service

IG: @sociallytaylored

A couple weeks ago, I posted about this genius as she’s the OG first member of the League of Extraordinary Power Femmes. Remember how I said I want to throw my money at her?

I purchased a hashtag set from Socially Taylored founder Taylor Graham last week and am super excited to incorporate them into my Instagram content! I already loaded them into my Planoly and, like a little girl with her first pair of light up shoes, am ready to go.

She set me on the right track, explaining the process and options. Not to mention her dopeass interface HB Portal with setting up her services. I felt like I walked through the W Hotel but cuter. So elegant.

Sigh. I know after this I’m going to end up purchasing every single one of her services. Will report back when I have/haven’t results! I highly doubt her hashtags aren’t going to work though. She’s kind of certified in everything and has a crazy Linkedin.

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