3 Reasons Why You Need To Hire Other Experts

It takes 10 minutes to pull a tooth, but I rather pay an expert.

Everything I’ve managed to do for my business so far, I’ve surprisingly managed to do myself. It’s not hard to learn a new skill and dive into one of those undiscovered subjects. But it does cost you a lot of money. This isn’t just talk about courses. I mean time.

Time is the commodity we all yearn for and if you’re spending 20 hours a day on studying and practicing something you’re a total newb at that will take 6 months to master, you’re missing out. It just adds to your list of shit to do.

1. There already is an expert out there.

Sitting down to take the time to study something is fabulous. But they say,

Rich people have money. Wealthy people have time.

Something like that. Allocating either a tedious position, or something that is so in-depth and out of your zone of genius is totally worth it. It costs me $400/month to get “organic” engagement on socials (ironic). Plus I’m planning on having someone help me with SEO + another to help with FB + IG ads.

I’ve tried the courses on Facebook ads and it’s legit like turning on a Chinese radio. I don’t understand even the most basic 2 minute video. Instead of generating profit, I’ll reinvest it into my business again to grow the marketing strategy for search engines + cold audiences. I’m garbage at Pinterest and will not give it the time of day. However, statistics show that businesses with Pinterest marketing make significantly more than those without. If you’re not doing the most, you won’t get the results.

2. You can plan your next moves without overloading yourself.

Now that the hard jobs and grunt work are out of the way, you don’t have to be the expert, just make enough money to afford the expert. (My husband always tells me $700 is cheap to spend on your business but won’t let me get a $29/month Linkedin membership lol.) This is when you can start reassessing your workspace, clearing out the pieces of paper you used to take notes on, and organize your mind. Make a to-do list of things that need to be accomplished, arrange your goals and reverse engineer them by working backwards.

Get creative with ways you can expand your business. This could be really mastering your offer in whatever you’re selling, thinking of new products to generate more revenue, or even ways to treat yourself so you can come back stronger.

3. You can actually enjoy your life now with a clean slate and less to worry about.

Having a business doesn’t mean you work less. You just have more freedom as to when you work. Some days I might take a breather thinking I will start the day productive, but end up doing other things for my mental health. Others, I’d work a straight 27 hour workday/night. Yeah.

Lately I’ve been managing my time better and watching my Google calendar carefully to only work one hour spurts into one subject to avoid burnout. It’s easy to get carried away. Try to get as organized as possible so that

  • you get everything done
  • you can actually have time off
  • you look forward to doing it again tomorrow

Burnout is real. It’s ok to not be able to do it all. Yes, you may be Einstein at empathetic marketing, but not in HTML code. (I’m quite the opposite and talk like a computer lol.) Ever since outsourcing my marketing strategies, I’ve had time to not only give my clients the attention they deserve, but also meet new customers.

Free time is essential to move forward and grow as a business owner. When did you realize you need to outsource? And what was the first position you gave away?

Gia G. Dixon
Gia G. Dixon

I’m Gia G. Dixon, an ILM certified etiquette consultant. Here is my guide to elegant style, high quality living, and little things that make your daily life glamorous.

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