I Became Underweight Because of My Poor Time Management Skills

My ass is gone.

I felt really weak and knew what the problem was. My time management was extremely poor. I worked myself well into 5 am and it had to stop. Looking in the mirror, I saw under eye bags for the first time in years. I’m talking since I was 11 years old waking up at 5 to practice piano and getting ready to travel an hour to study music some more.

The way my husband said he saw it was I’m a “perfectionist”. I’d work on something that was fine, but would keep fixing it until it was utterly perfect. Nothing is perfect as I will look back a week later only to scrap the idea anyway.

But having no time to even eat is reckless. I don’t even want to think about it. That’s the problem that got me here. I can’t stand to lose any weight as it is. It would be detrimental. However my trousers were slipping off and I weighed myself to find the numbers 103 on the blue-lit scale. Four pounds lost.


1. Research

For months I have been dreaming of a time management coach. An accountability one who reminds me every single day that’s my schedule on lock and kicks my butt to actually be productive instead of a busy meandering. I’d catch myself in a daze sometimes and realize that’s when I needed rest.

However, when looking online, I would find accountability coaches with no clear layouts of their plans in how to help me. Just that I had to contact them and pay them a small fortune.

Until I found someone online searching for something completely different. She was exactly what I was looking for. I’m extremely practical and don’t need affirmations. Just someone to scream into the other line of my phone and kick my ass.

2. Getting organized

I cleared my desk of all the mess and distraction that had built up the past few weeks. My husband recently joined me in my office to have desks face-to-face. His desk is bigger, made of beautiful beech wood, and was simple and clean. Seeing my desk adjacent was embarrassing and I wanted to throw the whole office away.

Clear desk. Clear mind. Clear solution.

Actual solution

3. Google Calendar

I created a list of all the critical priorities that needed to be taken care of for the next day and created a list with all of the tasks. Still, it wasn’t perfect, but it was a start.

Google Calendar saved my ass. I have ZERO IDEA why I didn’t do this ages ago.

My grandpa did this in his business and was always extremely on top of his schedule no matter how chaotic.

Blocking out time for me is vital. The sound of the notification bell going off is crucial. The fact that I wasn’t getting burned out on one task was paramount and I fucking did it.

No habitual exhaustion for me here. I had time to sit down properly and eat like a human being.

Have you experienced burnout? How did you learn to manage your time? I’d love to know your thoughts in the comments!


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