I Have Been Locked Out of My Instagram Account FML

I Have Been Locked Out of My Instagram Account FML

I was locked out of my own Instagram login and thought it was just a matter of me forgetting my password. But it kept kicking me out and not actually letting me sign in. Next to go was my Facebook Business Page account linked to it. I had 4 likes on that Facebook page. And just a bit over 100 followers. So it was zero pain.

It really helped that I have more than one again and this was a fresh new business account that wasn’t even one month old. So proud of myself for trying to build a new profile for myself and start from scratch. But everything in my life always leads back to that personal Insta. Not sure why people are so drawn to it.

Anyway, remember how I was getting rid of clients? The truth is I was extremely reasonable and it took tons of energy and patience, but I was professional af getting rid of this chick. She had fake followers and I have a strict No Fake Followers Policy written all over my site. It’s painfully fraudulent to ask for money from a business when you are just trying to rip them off for zero ROI. It’s just not fair and it’s stealing. I didn’t find out til much later as she seemed super legit. However, she didn’t know that I didn’t know and I just made her aware I had other big problems with her I couldn’t deal with anymore.

She was extremely disgruntled and I have a feeling she reported my account having said I scammed her because of my no refunds due to work undertaken. We had discussed a huge discount as she seemed totally legit. I hype audited her account and her engagement didn’t show up as 0% so I thought she was just hit my the new algorithm wave like everyone else. Nope.

I went back to using my original personal account and made sure to block her. She could still get to me through another account, but I’ll take the risk. My next step is to get verified and I have an Instagram contact who can help me for that and keep an extra eye on my account. This way Instagram can especially watch over me and dismiss any disputes as these as haters sipping haterade.

Ever been locked out of your account before? I’d love to know what happened and how you handled it. Let me know in the comments!

Gia G. Dixon
Gia G. Dixon

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