#LOEPF: Joti Mann

#LOEPF: Joti Mann

The Social Media Manager + Marketing Strategist wunderkind slays the digital feed.

“Social media is about building a human connection with real engagement. There are no bots here.”

In my early days as an internet entrepreneur building websites and offering SEO services, I browsed the Societé feed to bump into a Bossbabe sorority sister’s call for help. She was looking for a social media managing badass to help her make moves with her multiple clients. A handful of ladybosses–some desperate for work while others passing by–responded. The stars aligned so she settled for my ass. Lol jk no.

As you know, my business evolved and blossomed into the wonderful layer cake it is today. However I still work with Joti, because I made a promise that I’d back her up. That’s what Power Femmes do: help each other grow no matter what. Behind every business is two Power Femmes chugging coffees!

Check out her morning routine to set her game for the day.

Working with the Canadian Power Femme has opened my eyes to her level of organization. It’s basically like working with an actual non-creative professional but young and fabulous. Definitely left-brain vibes. She already knows all the steps to do for a Sisyphean task and doesn’t ask silly questions. I work with a lot of people who think out loud and basically text me every 2 seconds. You have zero idea. It’s not a problem for me, but I did notice the difference in communication with Joti. Talk about organized and knowing what she wants.

A lot of her personality is quite parallel to her Instagram feed. Neat, succinct, and articulate. On-brand.

The J Digital founder is extremely consistent and proves you can be too. Managing multiple enterprises, a newly married life (Congratulations on getting married during lockdown!), and renovations in her home, I wish she was a time management coach instead. But whatever she has to offer, I’m buying because she is constantly throwing value out there.

I’m tired thinking just watching her reels and all the effort it took to caption everything, add a color scheme + fonts, and plan out the scripts to recite all her content. She got that strategy on lock and shows up with a huge smile.

“My name is Joti & I am the founder & creator of J Digital. I have a passion for creativity and making your vision come to life.”

Joti also doesn’t wait around for a task to fall into her hands. She understands when the time is to take a break, but still show up for her followers’ sakes. Reliability is key with her and she redefines what it means to work hard. I’ve witnessed her send out for a substantial project and she delivered in a measly couple hours rounding up extensive information from every single client. That reminds me. I need another fika [Swedish coffee break].

I originally thought tricks were for kids, but they’re for Power Femmes, ’cause she’s full of them. Her insta is literally the bible on how to grow, sell yourself, and figure business out.

She’s like that cousin who tells you an easier, better way to do things, and makes it look easy.

I am rethinking my Planoly strategy as we speak. So much to re-evaluate. This is what I love about Joti. She always makes me push myself and go over what else I can do to optimize my trajectory. Surround yourself with people who lift you up and make you want to better yourself.

Joti Mann’s skills are definitely a power card I’d play in my network.

Check out her socials, services, and all that good good.

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