My Honest SocietyGal Review

My Honest SocietyGal Review

Remember how I said I wouldn’t talk trash about Bossbabe and that I respect them? This is now how I feel about SocietyGal so run while you can!

There are so many female entrepreneurial groups on Facebook and they help quite a bit. A lot of them are a range of all kinds of women young and old. I’m surprised at how many older women are hustling online and trying to keep up with us more tech savvy, but praise to them.

If you simply type in female entrepreneurs under the group section of Facebook search, there are quite a few unique collectives. For one thing, there are some specifically for colored women, for if you make 10k+ a month, just for full-time bloggers, social media managers and marketing experts, ones who paid for a female entrepreneurial course, etc.

This particular breed of group was one full of broke people trying to swindle you for services. I have never met so many people who try to ask for so much to only pay so little. Everyone there wanted to sell, sell, sell, but not give anything. I can’t even tell what people’s expertise are sometimes, all I see is their face and dollar signs in their eyes. Where is the value?

The group of women who created were probably super cool and wanted to help other power femmes network, but someone literally asked me for services of building a website for $200, even after checking my website seeing that I charged up to $7,000 (with rates to compare with my competitors of course, to show that I was actually a deal for pricing and had a decent portfolio). The nerve of these people. She literally tried hunting me down on all my socials just to ask me for cheaper prices. This was from more than one person from that group.

I get it if you’re asking $15 off a monthly subscription of my services, that’s cool. But if you don’t understand what years of studying to get this expertise is, you’re out of your mind. Go home to your mom to spoon feed you, because you have no idea what it means to work.

SocietyGal was FULL of these people. I had to have them delete my account off the app and voluntarily left the Facebook group, because everyone wanted so much more than they could give for. It was definitely low hanging fruit and I want to be surrounded by women who are uplifting or even on my level.

You can’t even navigate on their app properly because they didn’t fully develop it. A lot of people are trying to make sales without posting actual sales. They want to get around their way to “collaborate”, when they actually want a paid partnership.

If you’re a newbie and trying to get your feet planted, it might be for you to get your portfolio going. But if you’re an expert with a true specialty, not trying to sell Canva templates for $200 when I get them for $9 a month, then go somewhere else lol.

Facebook groups are typically a good place for me to thrive. Just not this one. What has been your experience(s)? I’d love to know what you think in a comment below.

Gia G. Dixon
Gia G. Dixon

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