4 Ways To Get More Engagement in the New Instagram Algorithm

4 Ways To Get More Engagement in the New Instagram Algorithm

Everyone was hit by the latest wave of Instagram’s new algorithm. It’s getting harder and harder every new obstacle they’re throwing at us each year. Trying to be better, trying to make more sense, and offer more to us as users. Here’s 4 ways you can get around that. But one way is the best–my way of course!–and it actually works from what my influencers tell me. 🙂

1. The 3, 2, 1 Rule

This is the rule Bossbabe uses and tells their cult following to implement this to get more brand awareness. Everybody and their mom is a brand these days.



1 follow?

The follow for follow method is extremely toxic and misleading, as you lose those people in the end. It’s like giveaways where people are just vultures (their true colors come out) and they just give what they think you want.

I try to avoid this because it just doesn’t feel genuine and I get likes all the time from people I couldn’t give a shit about. Also, I don’t want to follow every single person. It’s insane. I already have a difficult time keeping up with all my family as it is.

Also, I only want to follow the accounts that give me a certain motivation, uplift me, and I haven’t connected enough with you to get a feel of who you are just from one account visit. If that one account visit isn’t inspiring, I’m probably not going to follow you. Furthermore, I’ve followed people whose accounts were aspirational as a whole, but their individual posts to make up that greater collection was not inspiring at all so I ended up unfollowing them.

2. Follow those with a smaller following than you in the same niche.

A way I haven’t heard influencers use is to follow similar accounts that have a smaller audience than you. At least nobody I know has come out to admit this process.

I’m not sure if it’s because they probably look up to you and want to get more inspiration on things they can do since you’re in the same niche. Or if it’s because it gets their ego going that someone bigger is following them. If someone can explain this to me in the comments would be great. 🙂 I love knowing your opinion and thoughts.

3. Respond to engagement on your competitor’s account.

This is sneaky but I heard works. I’ve tried this personally and it was ok. People just came to like stuff on my account but I didn’t get anywhere past that. I didn’t come off as the authority as I thought they would and it personally wasn’t compelling enough for me as it took a lot of time and energy scoping these comments out.

4. ******My way: Share someone’s feed post in your story.

This takes the least time and actually helps organic engagement quite a bit. It does little research at first, but once you find what accounts are similar to yours (it’s easier if you use hashtags) then it’s a breeze.

First, find an account that similar to yours. Make sure they have less followers than you. The less amount of followers the better sometimes. If you have 100k followers, find someone with 10-30k or just any less!

Then, find a post in their feed you truly only feel passionate about/connect with. If you’re a fashion influencer, it might be a post of some awesome shoes a person is wearing or a lay flat post. Share it into your stories using the arrow underneath the image/video. Then mention their @handle in the story and say something as, “OMG These shoes are my new go-to.”

Make them feel like an expert in their field and give an honest compliment. It gets them excited and feel good as someone with a bigger following is looking out for them and they just might reshare it to their stories! There. You have a whole new audience with eyes on your account. Those who are die-hard shoe lovers will click and find out who you are to be sharing a post and you have more exposure.

Have you tried these tricks before? What did you think? I’d definitely love to know what you think in the comments.

Gia G. Dixon
Gia G. Dixon

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