Welcome to the League of Extraordinary Power Femmes

Welcome to the League of Extraordinary Power Femmes. It’s my version of #WCW or Women Crush Wednesday if you’ve been burying your head in your business for a while. I feel you. This is a safe space you can network, explore, and praise other females in their prowess. I am extremely proud of all these superb goal getter women and personally curated this network.

Here you can find wonderful people to mention in your stories, lady bosses to collaborate with, and even friends! I love supporting women and sharing their talents, because those are their gifts to the world nobody can take away from them. If you want to be featured let me know! Email here care@giadixon.com. It’s totally worth it.

Welcome! I am Gia, an etiquette consultant based in Los Angeles who does not believe being elegant has to be boring. I love helping individuals stand out and make lasting impressions with a polished presence. Join me in a lesson to become the most captivating lady or gentleman.🥂

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