#LOEPF: Taylor Graham

#LOEPF: Taylor Graham

Meet the social network aficionada AKA the female Brendan Kane.

I found this incredibly talented and skilled online advertising expert from the deep web. I was doing a search on how influencers can find work and connect with brands as it’s my job to build their online profiles with as many publications possible.

She had so much value to offer in one simple post and I was wondering why she was giving it away for free. Then, it made me think what she would give if you actually paid her.

Originally, it lead me to her branded business instagram which was insanely coherent, hilarious, and definitely full of sharable content. Instant fan over here and followed her immediately. Though she posts few on her business account, it made me want more and lead me to her personal instaprofile.

Hit or miss? Definite hit. More fabulosity and she does a deep drill into business, skincare, and more free resources on tactics for powerful marketing strategies that knock your lace designer panties off.

As I followed her for a couple weeks, I found myself connecting with her more and more simply because the value she offered was next level. Not only that, she has incredible taste in branding and it’s easy to say she established trust with me right off the bat.

She made a post on why Hashtag Optimization is extremely important as a smaller account and proved it with her insane strategy. A client of hers received 90% new views over 100 likes and 50 FUCKING BOOKMARKS strictly from hashtag searches alone. I wish I screenshotted it because the story is now gone.

I responded to her story asking how she does it in a DM, and she kindly opened up about what to do. My mind was blown that she was just giving this all away! Frankly, I didn’t expect her to give any detail and just gave her my tricks for what I use (spending money on pricey apps each month.) Instead I’m going to use her service of $80/quarterly for in-depth hashtag sets to generate more volume. She’s such an expert and even sent this live post explanation for more detail. WHAAAT.

In her business account, she takes you into a deep dive as about CBO’s and huh? She just makes me want to throw my money at her because it’s crazy how much she knows what she’s talking about when all these newbs call themselves social media managers. She goes hard with advertising. I’m exhausted from learning right now and rather just pay her to take over my social platforms.

I’ve actually been referring her to people for a while, but they don’t understand she’s not your average SMM. She doesn’t just create graphics on Canva. She knows the hardcore insights one needs–not just about marketing theory–but applied technical aspects of no bullshit targeting to get your brand preceding beyond your reach.

Who is this woman? And where did she come from?

I’m the CEO and founder of Socially Taylored– a boutique social media agency based in Detroit, MI. I teach new (& aspiring) entrepreneurs and influencers how to grow their brands online by implementing consistent social media content and advertising strategies so they can reach new followers and clients.

Taylor Graham
“My teaching approach comes from experience. After graduating from Western Michigan University with my degree in Advertising and Promotion, I spent my first year a half post-grad grinding. I worked on the paid social team at a high-profile ad agency from 9-5, while taking on all of the freelance projects I could during the early mornings and late nights. 
Talk about a grind.”

This probably sounds silly to you, but I went on her website and was in love because of the luxe unattainable feel and that’s one of the things that stuck out to me. Also, we have a similar taste in fonts haha. Now that’s someone I know who has impeccable mindset.

She’s also all about that skincare life so you know how I am about good quality skin and minimal makeup. Especially when you’re a WFH badass who chooses to be seen on Zoom calls with natural beauty beaming in all caps.

Everything about her is so on-brand and I wish I had her level of no gimmick thriving online presence. All the things she does makes me think, “I wish I could do that.” That’s the kind of Power Femme I want in my circle. I support her approach to business.

Check out her socials and all that good good.

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