4 Reasons I’m Over Bossbabe Inc.

I’m not going to talk trash about Bossbabe Inc. They’re a wonderful brand where I got some of the best opportunities and actually made wonderful connections. The powerhouse is constantly making strides to help women find not only their purpose, but also their newly filled bank accounts. I couldn’t say finer things about the female cult business collective.

What I will point out is their pros and cons. It’s not a hard black and white bad and good things. Their way of teaching is just beneficial to some more than others. This is only my experience as I’ve been with them in their IGA course and The Societé for almost a year.

1. They’re too big.

It’s fantastic when a business is growing and they’re constantly finding new strategies, learning with their group, and making tons of money. That’s the whole goal of a business.

This is a good problem to have though they’re not reaching every single individual. I personally experienced multiple coaching sessions and they were giving advice that was broad and vague. Not just because they want you to figure everything out and do all the work. It’s just that those pieces of counsel they were giving were implemented into their business and was what worked for them. So they were trying to apply it to you, who they don’t know personally and make it digestible.

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I saw tons of women struggling in the video calls as they weren’t completely sure what kind of answer Natalie Ellis was saying, because she couldn’t pinpoint what to do in this one woman’s product-based business. She was simply giving her keys to strategize what she could potentially do. Which is fine, because that’s what a coach does. I don’t think someone should be telling you exactly what to do unless they’re paid to be that level in-tune with your business.

Business consultants are good for this and a lot of people don’t actually listen to them haha. Never understood that because they’re expensive. If you invest a lot of money into guidance, you really want to get something out of it. The more specific and tailored, the better.

This doesn’t necessarily mean one-on-one is better. It means you might be trying to pick someone’s brain on specific things to do to make your business better. When you are there for accountability and trying to grow, it’s better to have a group–a smaller size is best–with people who are on your level or even a little higher. That way you don’t kind of get dragged down by the person who is on a basic level still.

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2. There were women there who were just in it for the community. #voyeur

This is not a good thing or a bad thing. It’s just a fact. Which is perfectly fine.

Some women were there just to be there and be a part of something, chit-chatting with friends, but not networking, which is totally cool. But then there were some people who were just there to not input anything at all and I think they may have been sitting back to learn what it is they can do for their business with just watching and listening.

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I’m the kind of person who is pushy and finds the spotlight when the time is right, but in the meantime will discover other people’s services and support them. But there were just people there who were a lump on a log and I don’t know if they were introverted, or just a statue haha.

They had chances to speak up in video meetings, but didn’t take them. I don’t understand that thinking. Maybe they’re extremely shy but it’s possible they’re learning something!

When I asked a few other similar business owners for help, they would just regurgitate what Bossbabe said and I already knew that. I thought they would give me their 2 cents and experience instead to guide me for my business.

3. Bossbabe is aimed toward service-based businesses.

This is a great thing as it’s a really difficult industry to get into and find your place. But the plans and strategies they offer are better implemented toward those offering a person of service rather than product-based industries.

If you’re a coach or speaker, they have a million ways to get noticed and for you to show up all over social media. If you’re an artist, someone selling clothes, or even tangible products as soap, beauty, etc., nobody wants to see your face on social media. People want your product and discounts.

4. The marketing was blasé.

There was a huge disconnect for the her approach to brand awareness that made it difficult for all kinds of businesses. Natalie Ellis stated all the textbook marketing ploys they teach in advertising. However, it’s very different to what consumers actually wanted to experience.

Bossbabe is definitely the left side of this chart. Basic af in marketing.

Everyone says sales are psychology. This is very true. However, the steps she was using were giving people basic to-dos instead of really maneuvering the consumer to die for what you are selling. For example, she would say, “Create a call to action with the specific words of ‘I’m not having this offer long so buy now’ or ‘Register ASAP'”.

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When you’re trying to sell something, you have to make a person want it by selling emotionally first, then logic later. For instance, knowing my audience, I’d say something as, “It’s ridiculously easy to do this lol but I have zero idea why anyone hasn’t implemented it yet.”

My audience is very different haha as you can see. Not everyone is going to like it which is the point. I only want to take on people who want to take me on. It’s a two-way street and I value that.

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Bossbabe is perfect if you’re:

  • A service based business
  • Looking for accountability
  • Trying to make tons of random female business-ish friends

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I was a fan for a while and still sort of am, but my heart isn’t in it as much. If you’re a strong personal brand you can sell anything, which is what they’re trying to do. But in their last 2 launches, they were things that weren’t for me as I felt it wasn’t as tailored as I wanted it to be. It felt like more expensive motivation, and the cost has even gone up for the last course, which I understand why. But I’m glad I took it when I did, because I learned so much about myself and as a business.

Are you a Bossbabe Societé Member? Did you take one of their courses? I’d love to know your thoughts in the comments below.

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  1. 12.11.20

    It’s very refreshing to read an honest review. I’m in the Societé too, and I think all of your points are very valid.

    I don’t have a product-based business, and I do feel like most of their content is mainly tailored to that.

    I still love being able to connect with likeminded women, so it’s still worth it for me!

    • 12.11.20
      Gia Dixon said:

      I love The Societé. There’s a lot of power femmes on there with tons of different experiences and levels in entrepreneurship! I definitely learn a lot all the time when I’m in the group. 🙂