Monthly Business Horoscopes December 2020

There are surprising developments for you this month, Aquarius. All of the fiery Sagittarius energy throughout December will bring contacts and allies through networking. Keep up with your virtual meetings as Mercury enters Sagittarius on December 1 to enhance your success going forward. You won’t know until later just how important your new work friends are to your professional future. 

You have plenty of room to shine, even during the most difficult of cosmic transits—like the solar eclipse in Sagittarius on the fourteenth—that seem to bring down everyone else. When Venus enters Sagittarius the next day, you can serve as the light at the end of the tunnel for your colleagues because of your natural ability to break things down on a very human level. 

A potential business partnership could lead you to the “dream team” scenario you’ve always wanted when Saturn enters Aquarius on December 16 and Jupiter enters Aquarius three days later. 

A strong flow of ideas fills your in-box with potential projects and opportunities. You might even get that interview you’ve been hoping for during the great conjunction when Jupiter and Saturn align in Aquarius on the twenty-first. Even when the pressure is on, you’re able to move through your professional life with grace and dignity.

On your mark, get set, go! When it comes to your job, December is the busiest month of the year for you, Pisces. You could be consumed with work from the moment the month begins, which isn’t necessarily a bad thing. The only caution is that you might escape in your work and put everything else in your life on the back burner. 

Mercury entering Sagittarius on December 1 brings you plenty of new professional opportunities and ventures. You could be so busy doing ten things at once that you think about hiring an assistant to help you manage your calendar and respond to the flood of messages. Keep this option in mind because it could be a good one for you if you want to stay on schedule. 

The solar eclipse in Sagittarius on the fourteenth could bring news of a possible promotion. However, it might take a while to sort out the finances involved in this opportunity. In fact, you could give your boss a counteroffer the next day when Venus enters Sagittarius and your career sector. 

The sun enters Capricorn on December 21, the day of the winter solstice, which could be the day your contract is signed and your counteroffer accepted. 

What you like best is winning, Aries, and this is the time for it, especially in the earlier part of the month. A competitive nature is healthy for everyone at this time, but nobody competes better than you, so it’s a sure thing you will come out on top. 

Your leadership skills will also come in handy right now as long as you make sure that you’re using them in service to others and not stepping on any toes. Your charisma and charm are at an all-time high in the first half of the month. 

However, the first couple of weeks will likely still hold some of that residual irritability that’s been haunting you for the past two months during eclipse season, which is heightened during the solar eclipse on December 14. The slightest thing could set you on edge, but this time for you hasn’t been all bad. 

You’ll start to feel your energy (and tolerance) come back in the final weeks of December, but this likely won’t happen without a lot of forced rest first. You may have even been worried that you’re narcoleptic, but that is just how powerful the recent cosmic energy has been for you. 

The latter half of the month brings back your signature audacious nature that gets things moving and shaking, especially at the full moon on the twenty-ninth.

You start this month with fantastically tranquil energy while the moon begins to wane. This brings with it feelings of peace and ease in relationships and relaxation in general. After last month’s push to handle business matters, this is a welcome period of much-needed downtime for us all. 

In these first few days of the month, focus on relaxing and nesting in your home, intimacy with your partner, and artistic endeavors. If you absolutely must handle work matters, this is a great time to ask for a big favor. People will likely have a hard time saying no to you now. 

The first part of the month you should try to make work as fun and lighthearted as possible, because work in general could feel daunting all the way through the solar eclipse on December 14. This will help bring you some clarity of mind, Taurus, and you’ll come up with the business solutions that eluded you earlier. 

There is a full moon in Cancer at the very end of the month, on the twenty-ninth, making way for creativity and fun in the workplace. This is also a great day to draw money toward you because the completion of the full moon brings you the full value of your work.

The moon is in your sign for the lunar eclipse on November 30, starting things off with great energy and adaptability in the first part of December. Social situations could be few and far between, but pretty much everyone is going to have the impulse to be extra chatty around this time. 

Your ruling planet Mercury enters fiery Sagittarius on the first, which eases the chaos around communication and brings fewer delays around making deals and setting up new contracts with clients. We will experience more clarity, heightened intuition, and sharper perceptions as the days march forth, but we can still expect complications with hubris and ego. Just make sure you don’t get up on your soapbox. 

The new moon in Sagittarius on December 14 will have you paying more attention to relationships and your connections with others, which unexpectedly brings with it more focus than you’ve had in a while. 

The solar eclipse that day will only amplify any desires you’ve been harboring for your crush or significant other. Use the current energy to work up the courage to ask for what you want, no matter how intensely you feel about it!

When the moon moves into the sign of Cancer, it usually brings with it the desire to nest in the home and turn your space into a sanctuary. However, given the current state of the world, this could also foster a longing for people that feels like homesickness or nostalgia for being with family. 

With the moon in your sign on the first of the month, you could also desire certain types of comfort food and perhaps renew a passion for baking. You’ll also want to make your bedroom or living room cozier and homier, on top of missing your loved ones. Hopefully, you’ll be able to visit your family in person, but if that isn’t possible, it might be wise to start planning how you’re going to attend any virtual holiday celebrations. 

Right in the middle of the month, on December 14, the solar eclipse in Sagittarius occurs, which doesn’t disturb those homebody and comfort-seeking vibes, but it might stir up a desire to host someone in your home, especially when it comes to romantic interests! You’re an emotionally charged sign, and this eclipse could also indicate the difficult task of breaking it off with someone to make space for a more compatible person. 

The last days of the month bring a full moon in Cancer on the twenty-ninth, which will likely encourage you to analyze your feelings. That’s okay, Cancer, they likely need examining!

Creativity is freely flowing from your heart to your professional life all month, Leo. When Mercury enters Sagittarius on December 1, you could be inspired to start a whole new artistic venture or redo the branding for your business. Keep in mind that it’s a process, and it might take time to commit to the right vision. Don’t let your impulsive nature push you into a situation you’re unsure about. The solar eclipse in Sagittarius on the fourteenth could motivate you to take your unique ideas public. 

Venus enters Sagittarius the following day, highlighting and sparking your artistic abilities. This will be very useful over the next few days when potential clients come looking for a flashy new business in which to invest their time and money. 

Saturn enters Aquarius on December 16, and you will have the chance to firm up your contacts and sign contracts with clients who intend to work exclusively with you. 

The great conjunction in which Jupiter and Saturn align in Aquarius on the twenty-first will give you the rare opportunity to help navigate your clients toward greatness. However, even though you might want to connect with those clients on a deeper level (thanks to the friendly holiday vibe), your lesson now is to create and maintain boundaries.

You are still riding the high of the Gemini lunar eclipse on November 30, Virgo, so this month starts with you feeling more work-minded than ever. While you might not be motivated to focus all month on work, you’re happy knowing that you could be in the running for a promotion, news you may have heard during the lunar eclipse. 

The caveat is that you may not want to invest all your energies doing menial tasks at the office now that you know you’re in good standing with your boss. But this could backfire if it stirs resentment from colleagues during the great conjunction, when Jupiter and Saturn align in Aquarius on the twenty-first. 

The Cancer full moon on December 29 could bring a new job title that heightens your public standing and makes you the envy of others, but it won’t necessarily bring a pay increase. Don’t compromise the value of your hard work for the opportunity to have a fancy title. Keep that in mind before you agree to a situation that you may come to resent later. Make sure you’re happy with what you decide and in control of every detail to ensure your prosperity and fulfillment.

It’s time that you let your views be known. If you assert your voice this month, you could find that your boss and colleagues are listening. The only advice is not to be too aggressive in your requests at the office because your tone could be misunderstood. Before firing off an inspired e-mail when Mercury enters Sagittarius on December 1, double-check to make sure you’re clearly articulating your point. You could come across as demanding when in fact you aren’t even trying to be dramatic. 

The solar eclipse in Sagittarius on the fourteenth is another time when you could accidentally put your foot in your mouth and say what you’re thinking rather than something phrased more professionally. 

Luckily, Venus enters Sagittarius the next day to help you finesse such conversations or messages in which you said something you regret. A word of advice: Don’t party too hard at the holiday event, even if it is virtual and you’re in the comfort of your own home. Make sure you remain professional at all times. 

This behavior will only serve to help you during the Cancer full moon on December 29. Your boss could recommend you for an opportunity because of your responsible nature. 

Mercury enters Sagittarius on December 1 to galvanize the financial sector of your chart, indicating that a raise could be coming your way this month. The only caution is that you might get too pushy about asking for the increase, which could defeat your purpose. If you hold back during the solar eclipse on the fourteenth, you could find an e-mail in your in-box soon thereafter detailing the terms of your new agreement and income.

Learning to take things slowly and calmly and not jump the gun is a life lesson and professional lesson you’re learning this month. Once you lean into your intuition more—something heightened during the great conjunction of Jupiter and Saturn in Aquarius on December 21—and don’t second-guess your instincts when it comes to office politics, you’ll be able to navigate your career better. 

This means not getting impatient when matters, such as a raise, take time to manifest and come to fruition. In fact, it’s a lesson you’ll still be learning at the end of the month during the full moon in Cancer on the twenty-ninth. This will help you become the strong, confident, savvy, and successful businessperson that you are on the inside. You got this, Scorpio! 

The majority of the month contains several planetary shifts in your sun sign: Mercury enters Sagittarius December 1, the solar eclipse occurs in your sign on December 14, and Venus enters your sign on December 15. All this change is happening during the back end of your solar return, making it a wonderful time for growth. 

And you are allowing the narrative to change by choosing a different path for yourself when Jupiter, your planetary ruler, enters Aquarius on the nineteenth. You are evolving on all levels, and your career is hitting new heights. You will feel this energetic change during the great conjunction, when Jupiter and Saturn connect in Aquarius, on December 21. If you’ve been accepting less than you deserve, things could change quickly now. 

When Mercury moves into Capricorn on the twentieth and the sun shifts into the sign the next day, you will begin to assert yourself more at the workplace. There will be no more settling for the short end of the stick or less than you deserve. This is a life-changing shift that sparks progress at an exponential rate. The Cancer full moon on December 29 is the time to fully embrace your recent evolution. 

This month, Saturn, your planetary ruler, makes a splash when it moves out of your sign and into your financial sector on December 16. This shift could be apparent in two different ways in your life. First, you could see a significant change in your bank balance due to your inability to save cash at the moment. The other is that you may not feel worthy or smart enough to compete with others at work. Instead of beating yourself up, you can work with your colleagues rather than against them on opposing sides. 

The good news is that when Jupiter enters Aquarius on the nineteenth, you’ll feel as though you have more control over such circumstances, including your finances. When Jupiter and Saturn align for the first time in 19 years in the great conjunction on December 21, and the sun moves into your sign, you could begin to see the prosperity you crave.

The month ends with an emotionally intense full moon in Cancer on the twenty-ninth. This will push you to focus your energies on partnering, not just with clients but also with colleagues, to ensure that you can collaborate as a group rather than trying to go solo. After all, there is no “I” in “team.”

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