My Honest Bossbabe Instagram Growth Accelerator Review

For those of you who know me personally, you know that I DO NOT fuck around when it comes to making money. Mastering my prowess in finance, business tactics, the way I even introduce myself to people–I do not faff around and waste people’s time because time is money.

When I first opened my business in springtime of 2020, I had a lot to give and had no idea about targeted Facebook ads, or general marketing, but I did know:

  1. It takes money to make money
  2. Don’t listen to people who haven’t been in your shoes

None of the things I didn’t know mattered, because I was about to learn them quickly.

After opening a Facebook Business account, I started receiving ads, not realizing I was a targeted Facebook ad statistic. I came across Bossbabe, an intentional group of female entrepreneurs who are sharing their message of motivation and how to achieve your version of success.

They really hooked me in as everything sounded delicious and there was nothing to question, because they had the social proof of 2+ million followers.

Natalie Ellis, is also a wonderful speaker, and exceptionally snappy in interviews. She definitely has a light on and there’s a reason she’s successful. She’s an overachiever who knows how to excel and turn her brain on. Respect. Danielle Canty seems cool too, since I guess she’s part of the founding brain of Bossbabe. However, she does show her face less.

The ad alone was enough to get me into this business cult of females banding together to create a powerful network. But since the group is so big I noticed there are not the best seeds in it either. Not all the time at least, but that’s beside the point.

Their Instagram Growth Accelerator was the course they were selling me on, and I did tons of research to find reviews, before spending almost $1,000. (I had to go on their website to check the price again today and it has literally doubled. Glad I took it when I did.)

I guess, now I have that course hopefully for lifetime access, but part of being a good businesswoman is knowing when to jump into an opportunity. I remember my husband steering me the other way saying, “Don’t worry they’ll sell it again.” Yeah, for double the price.

Anyway, I took the course and felt 60/40 about it. 60% being positive and 40% being meh.

The reason for this is they are showing you the way they succeeded. It’s just another one of a million ways to get your business going.

They even clarify that if you do all these things on your Instagram, you still have to do your part as a business and deliver, because Instagram could be gone tomorrow.

I lived, ate, breathed, slept on this course, and even redid it a few times. Loving everything it had to offer, I saw my business do well on the social aspect, but not the converting side.

They say they teach you how to monetize your Instagram, and I thought they meant people will buy what you’re selling because of what you’re posting. Which is definitely, what I thought they meant.

The problem was, it works. For service based businesses.

I had a clothing store. A new one. And an art collecting business. Everything with product. Sure, it can work, I guess, but nobody was buying from my socials for months and months of implementing what I had newly learned.

Eventually opening up a serviced based business, I didn’t have to apply any of those things really. I just had to put myself out there on the internet into different Facebook groups and was lucky to be seen by the right people at the right time.

It was really annoying, because I was diligent in doing everything they said. But there truly is no one road to success. You can lead a horse to water but you can’t make it drink. You can’t teach people to be consistent or have passion. I have those two things, but that was their route of success.

They were teaching what marketers put out into the ether, but not what consumers like to see. Consumers couldn’t care about what you’re up to, things about your personal life, or who the new hires are for your business. They simply want to see new product, and discount offers.

Knowing how to talk to people is such an important part of my job now, and I have taken a handful of courses that teach this things. Looking back, Bossbabe’s Instagram Growth Accelerator didn’t explain what was in each module, they just said you will monetize your account after this course.

That’s on me. Now when I look at a course or class, I make sure to go over all the details of what they teach, because I knew almost half of the things they taught. And I’m not exactly an expert. So it doesn’t take an expert to know things about lighting, photography, doing what you can to make a piece of content look juicy and good.

Even if you don’t know all the technical terms, just tweak things until they look like they’re worthy of a magazine.

I know their audience is a lot of moms and some older women who need coaching and guidance in their biz, but I learned some marketing tricks, basic ways to stand out, how to use the new Instagram applications, every time they come out with something, and how to show up.

Holding yourself accountable is one of the most important things for anything you do. Whether it’s losing weight, finding a diet that agrees with you, your skin, your gut; or simply waking up early enough to getting to work on time.

I really like that they kept me motivated when I need it, because they are such great speakers when getting their points out.

Other times, it was boring, basic bitch content, that I rolled my eyes out. They were catering to Miss Everywoman. I am not everywoman. I am a proud individualist. Jordan B. Peterson style.

As a whole, my final review would be a 6.5 out of 10. The point five is simply because I did learn something and the things I did learn were high quality. Everything else, I am fine missing out on.

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