My [Most Productive] Morning &/Beauty Routine

The most productive way to get things done while looking put together.

I honestly don’t know how my morning/beauty routine will make you feel. Negative thoughts I’m sure.

Different mornings vary but of the same sundry.

Every morning I wake up to my phone. and I mean I will check my phone, pulling it from the charger to find a thousand notifications from everyone, so I rush with the lap top, holding it like an infant in my arms to the livingroom table.

I have an office–why the livingroom table? Because it’s open, airy, has tons of light, and my husband will wake up later to make me a coffee.

This is not me in the photo lol.

Typically, I’ll have one coffee, but if I really need that push to go supreme Gia, I will have two and suffer not sleeping timely that night.

I get to work, get to work, get to work, and sometimes don’t even shower for a day. Or two. That means I haven’t gotten up to brush my teeth either.

Unless I’m going out to see people for meetings and more work. That’s a different story. I will probably get showered a couple hours before seeing that so I seem like I’m at my freshest every time we encounter one another.

Life hack on seeming your super fresh? Check.

Yes, my hygiene does suffer, and when people want a Zoom or FaceTime meeting, I just put on my gold hoop earrings haha. That’s the only thing that makes me look like I tried.

The thing you don’t see is me putting on perfume from my signature perfume collection. Those sprays are just for me. 🙂

The only time I put makeup on is when I have showered and have brushed my teeth.

This is because I usually just put lipstick on and I mean the reddest fucking hue you will ever see. Perhaps some mascara.

Minimal makeup is key to comfort, high quality skin, and looking put together. For me at least. But I think it’s disgusting when people have skin makeup all over their face every single time I see them. How do you hug people without getting crap all over them?

It’s really high maintenance and I don’t have the energy. Rather invest in a facial every so often and look fresh without the makeup.

The best part of my beauty routine is not worrying. I can focus on being my true, strong self, chopping down at all the work that needs to be done and tackling my responsibilities.

So there you have it: the best beauty routine is actually no/as little routine as possible.

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