What does a talent agent do?

What does a talent agent do?

When you think of the word talent agent, you might think we’re all Ari Gold from Entourage screaming into a gold cell phone til the veins in our head pop.

The truth is we’re quite the opposite. At least we have to be to survive.

People always wonder what it is I do as an influencer agent. Basically, I’m that friend at the party who goes to the bathroom and holds your hair while you vomit. Then, I bust out a toothbrush, some touching up makeup, and perfume. That’s what I do.

Most of us are nice people.

We have to be especially kind because we want the extra long lasting relationships with public relations connections. That way our talent can continue to get work and possibly even repeat work. Not only that, but if you want to keep working with someone you’re going to want to make sure you get along.

If you’re not easy to deal with, PR people will tell to other PR people that you are a headache to work with, and to avoid you at all costs. Brands talk to each other, you know? Then you can never work in this town again.

Everything I tell the influencer to do towards polishing her career is in my best benefit, because it makes me money.

What do we actually do?

My job is to:

  • find worthy talent within a specific niche (mine is beauty and style)
  • make sure my talent is doing the right things to sell themselves and create a presentable profile
  • give great career advice for what brands are looking for in them
  • send out a thousand emails a day to get word out there about the new people I have
  • book high quality campaigns
  • negotiate rates of talent so they can focus on creating content and taking care of themselves to look good for the next shoot
  • find media opportunities for exposure
  • go over contracts and make sure everything is sound

We always have to answer our phones, whether it’s a call or e-mail.

Every now and again, I will receive a call that a brand campaign needs an influencer quick. I’m talking can you make it there in 45 minutes quick.

If you take two days to answer your emails you’re already screwed. You want to be as snappy as possible to help people.

We’re in consistent contact with people in the position to pay us money. That means even on vacation we’re answering emails on our phone because we want to be paid on vacation too.

That’s literally our only job: to book jobs for our influencer.

We are (usually) reasonable and try to enforce that in our talent.

When an influencer is not thinking and wants to bring their pet hamster on a plane with their own seat, that’s a no-go. They want a brand to shell out extra dough because they’re crazy is all I’m hearing.

I would never let that happen. Leave them at home for your friend to watch him. You’re here to work. You have other ways to be comfortable and express that you’re a diva. But don’t do it by making companies pay you less because you want to spend their money on your hamster’s airplane seat.

When know when the deal is good and sign off.

A lot of agents keep asking for more and more and more because they make a percentage of what the talent makes. Sometimes agents will fight over $15 and it’s embarrassing. You’re not only hurting yourself, you’re hurting the talent you’re representing.

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