How To Figure Out Your Pricing (For Service Based Businesses)

Did you know you’re actually fantastic?

All those years of schools you did, your experiences that got you here, the fact that you push yourself to learn more make you a valuable commodity.

I had a makeup artist quote another famous businessman saying on one of my photoshoot sets, “If I do your makeup in 30 minutes, it’s because it took me 10 years to learn how to do your makeup in 30 minutes.”

Doctors charge an arm and a leg in private clinics because they’re in so much debt from medical school and have tons of aspirations of spending more from hopefully earning more.

Whatever it is you do, value your time.

I have tons of influencers who approach me saying they charge $150 for a post because they felt bad the business never posted with an influencer, so they convinced them and they were sending free product anyway.

WTF. My makeup artists charges about $300 for a half day and you’re not charging for her cost? That’s not even including the photographer, stylist, hair stylist if they’re separate from the cosmetician, other administrative members of the team, and your actual time for showing up.

And what do you mean this business has never worked with an influencer before? There’s a thousand companies putting into millions to work with someone like you. Don’t faff with me.

In Los Angeles, $150 is a really nice dinner. You need to pay your rent.

I had a client who treated me like a personal assistant. She paid me peanuts to begin with and I simply put the do not disturb on my phone for her at all times. I wasn’t blocking her. I just seemed exceptionally busy.

There are truly valuable clients who respect you, your time, and what you have to offer. I am definitely willing to give those people my full attention IRL and on text. Those are the lovely souls I want to keep around and help make money.

If it takes you an hour just to write back and forth to them when they’re your client, charge for that.

Lawyers get it when it comes to declaring their worth. They stick you with a bill every minute they speak with you. So when you speak with them, make sure you know what you’re going to go over ahead of time and and efficiently get things done. Treat every situation like this.

It may sound silly to practice what you want to say, but it works everytime for me.

I give lectures when I’m alone on the importance of structure when meeting with a client all the time. My husband hears me and gives me pointers on how to word things better.

The smartest thing you can do for anything in your life is prepare.

It’s so simple but people don’t do it because it takes time and effort. I love sitting down to concentrate on what needs to be done because it’s so worth it.

One of my clients is an extremely clever young woman who prepares what she says kindly and professionally with every interaction. I admire her because she makes me seem like the one who is all over the place when I’m not. I’m consistently impressed with her when it comes to workplace conduct. She is next level.

If you have a lot of clients right away, you either are in demand or priced yourself too low.

None of these things are a bad thing! The fact that you’re getting consistent work is awesome.

Something I did with one of my businesses was saw a gap in price for something in the market that was highly valued.

Social media managers are a highly acclaimed position now that socials are the new currency. People are converting online more than ever, especially because of these uncertain times. But even before that, being online was crucial if you wanted to expand your horizons in reaching people brick & mortar hasn’t before.

For my side gig, I saw social media managers were charging $750+. I understand that because it’s a ton of work. I would charge $200-400 a month attracting so many clients because I broke dow the options of pricing plans into weeks.

They felt like they were getting more for their value and it took me less than an hour a day to do the work. That way I could also focus on my main business and have a steady stream of income from something I had fun doing: getting paid to go on Instagram!

When I received too many clients, I simply turned them down and referred them to other colleagues I trusted.

The fact that I was getting really busy made my time more valuable.

When you are getting too busy CHARGE MORE.

When you don’t like a client CHARGE MORE.

You should always like the people you work with. This is a business not a charity.

You are a business, not a slave. Just because you offer a service, doesn’t mean you have to be smiling all the time catering to your every whim.

I personally think back to the times I was shopping in Paris and how the store manager was extremely practical. If I had a practical request, they had a practical answer. If a demanding American came in asking for the world, they wouldn’t budge because they simply didn’t have to.

As an agent, my job is to create relationships. Not get people paid once and done. It is to build a lasting connection with someone I can hopefully give tons to and every now and again hopefully expect something back.

This is how the world works if you know what you’re doing.

I want my influencers to

understate and overdeliver.

They have to keep people on all sides, and if things don’t work for them, simply be polite and say no. Show kindness no matter what. Even if you’re angry, take a deep breath, and chug back a coffee for the energy. You’re going to need it.

Hopefully a wonderful publicist or influencer marketer would rehire my influencers again and again because I try my best to keep only good company. It’s the refined way of the world to endlessly contribute as much as you can and not really hope for something in return. But in business, even more so.

Gia G. Dixon
Gia G. Dixon

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