Do You Have A Gladys?

I first started my business without knowing much about it. Just that I wanted to start and had the naiveté enough to do it. Once I created my Shopify store and created a Facebook business page to connect all my items onto FB and clickable Instagram photos, I started receiving tons of ads to Bossbabe. (Thanks targeted FB ads to business pages.)

Instantly I drank the Kool-Aid.

Searching every Facebook female entrepreneurial group, including Bossbabe’s I found Gladys.

She approached me after I had no idea what a VA was. I was extremely interested and she sold me instantly on the things she could do for my account. Because I never heard of it before. Not realizing how hard she worked and what the job actually entailed, it sounded easy.

Gladys helped my engagement on socials go up almost 200 followers in a month of not knowing what to do on Instagram after years of inconsistent use. On top of that, FB & IG were running the new algorithm where I’d only see the 2 same people’s posts over and over.

Ever since, she was a superstar in my eyes.

In a day after starting my latest business venture, I received 2 clients and over $1,000 revenue (considering my expenses were peanuts). One of the clients was a brilliant woman with insane savvy. She was extremely professional and I realized why I respected her so much.

The other was–if I said gave away any details about who she was–she might get into trouble. Even if I described the difficult time she enslaved me, it would give away her identity. So I will say: she was simply difficult.

A mess. Inappropriate, ill-mannered, etc. etc. It doesn’t matter. Just wanted to get her off my hands. I did not have the patients or temperament. Or even the time. She treated me like a personal assistant, cheaping out paying me peanuts for a fuckton of work with delusional requests.

Anyway. It just upsets me when people have no self respect enough to not do research on what simple things they were asking. It’s a Google away. I was kind enough to give her a deal because I genuinely want to see women succeed.

My husband, a business consulting expert, walked me through how to manage her. Distance myself wisely letting her know this is a contract, not indentured servitude. I remained kind and professional. My husband made the point that she wasn’t successful because she was a mess and that’s why she desperately needed my help. So many red flags I didn’t see.

Gladys approached me online explaining that she needed the extra work since the typhoon Ulysses had caused irreparable damage to her home in the Philippines and needed more money to leave.

I didn’t want to hand her a piece of work I didn’t have my heart in. She already had troubles as it was, so I made sure to brief her properly with a Google Docs dossier. She didn’t care. Gladys was just happy. I couldn’t thank her enough for taking this Sisyphean task off my hands.

Though, we only worked a short time together, it really soured me out of my work. But once I got rid of her it was like stepping into the sun for the first time after winter. That’s how bad it was.

Now I get to focus on the rest of my work, important clients I know will do well and make tons of money, and most of all, Gladys gets the work she wants. She will always be a superstar in my eyes.

Do you have a Gladys? Is there someone who always saves your arse when you’re in a business hole? Tell me below with a comment!

If you need a virtual assistant, Gladys is extremely kind, patient, and available. I haven’t met anyone so professional, clever, and always recommend her to anyone who needs a VA. Here is her website.

Gia G. Dixon
Gia G. Dixon

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