Forcing Myself to Take Breaks

Forcing Myself to Take Breaks

I vehemently have to force myself and take a break.

Creating devoted moments for relaxation is imperative for a binge worker like me. [Insert joke that cigarettes breaks count here.] Haha no I don’t smoke. Not anymore at least.

My husband tries to converse with me before his late night shift at the hospital about something to do with calling the cable company and tells me how he wants to give me kisses. I grunt as a late response a minute after he finished talking and continue typing without looking up.

Lucky to be a full-time entrepreneur “losing” money all (first) year long, I sit like a an old professor on sabbatical with pen to paper. Other times more like a web developer staying up all hours figuring something out on Google, HTML script to screen.

Later, my hands hurt from nonstop typing and legs sore from needing a stretch. My eyes start to burn when I realize I haven’t shut my lids for a few minutes staring at a computer that needed all-day diagnosing.

Then, I walk outside of the guest room/office where the blinds are closed only to find that it’s dark already.

When my husband leaves for work before all this in the afternoon, I fear he may be in a devastating car accident. Who knows? We don’t have control over another driver. So to compensate, I kiss him at the door goodbye and make sure to give him a big hug with words of assurance.

It’s too late to act when he really was having a meaningful interaction with me. Even if it was about calling our internet service. I should have looked up. When he was trying to kiss me and grunted too late. When he sat down in the livingroom to read and invited me but I said no. All to stay in front of a computer.

Please don’t do what I do. Don’t be a dick.

Spend all the time you can with your full attention. It’s not that I’m garbage at multi-tasking; it’s that I don’t like to half ass things.

Take a good, full deep breath and be in tune with the moment. This doesn’t mean you have to have loads of input on what someone else says. Just actively listen and maybe agree (if you honestly see the same points).

Manage your time because it’s worth it.

Don’t take anything for granted. This is probably easier when you have more family and friends where you live. It would be a crime too if this business didn’t exactly pan out. I am just not giving myself the choice to not succeed.

This is also how I know I married the right person. Stiff, determined, British and stalwart. Will stand through the heat of India in wool uniform. Maybe I am the British soldier of a budding business? Or just a dick who sees what I’m missing out on.

What is something that helps you keep balance or kept balance as a newbie entrepreneur? Comment below, I love when you share.

Gia G. Dixon
Gia G. Dixon

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