$20 H&M Trousers that rival $100 J.Crew trousers

These smart H&M trousers are officially award-winnning in my book. They also make history in my most memorable moments and what I wear when in a good mood. The reason being is they are my outdoor trousers. I use these on wilderness walks, hikes, and on easy days getting in touch with nature. So everyday haha. It is a guaranteed good time when sporting these trousers that do not appear to be a good pair of outdoor pants, but I turned them into such a thing by simply wearing them as such. 

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You can make anything be what you want for your dressing ritual. I personally do so by making sure I dress up for whatever it is I am doing and mark the occasion by giving certain garments specific duties. For instance, I got these for work.

Get the trousers here.

Originally, these were purchased because they were so affordable, matched all the clothes in my wardrobe, and are high waisted. I do not lean towards high waisted trousers that often, because of the extra bulk they add to my petite figure. They help make your look more streamlined when wearing a dress shirt tucked in. Another way to support this sleek look is by donning a bodysuit at work that is long sleeve with a conservative cut that is appropriate for business.

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These are definitely meant for a quick jaunt or getting torn apart by outdoor work if I really get into it on our farm. However, these are the last polyester trousers I will ever purchase. Not only because of the material, but because I only want to purchase bespoke items made in the West, and avoid supporting China’s torture camps towards the Uighur people. 

Out of respect to these oppressed individuals, I will wear these until they are worn, because I already purchased them. It would be a waste not to do so, and appreciate their handywork. It probably sounds weird, but after learning about the atrocities, I stopped buying Chinese-made products, because this is not a sustainable way to live. (Hello, I bought a farm.) 

Since I am keeping these, I am going to get the waist tailored. It fits the more extreme curves that are my outer shape, however the waistline is a touch too large. I got these in a size two initially. The four is somewhat okay without stretching the pockets. I am really curvaceous in my measurements at 27F-26-37. 

It might not be obvious, because I am petite. This way when I do get them fitted properly, I can wear them more often for work without looking like a block that goes straight up and down. The size four bum with the size two waist are perfect. 

The J.Crew Kate trousers are a little bit longer than this, but are pretty much the same style. You can check them out here. I like them, because they are cotton and elastane, stretchy, and comfortable. They are also not as a sweaty and have a linen version you can check out here. When these are ruined, I am purchasing those next. I tried them on in the store, and they are definitely worth being a bit less than $100.

I have purchased several of these in multiple designs as there are multiple colours and styles in this cut. They also come in multiple variations of poly blend fibers that feel different. I returned a couple of trousers that were too small and felt like paper. In addition, kept a similar style that kept going in and out of stock in the size four.

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The innumerable occasions these trousers went in and out of stock was something to behold. I had to wait for a bit on the H&M website, manning the desk to see what would happen when I clicked refresh. 

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But most of all, I wore these when we purchased our first farm. With a house on top. And a ranch. And lots of forestry. It was so exciting. We made an offer on the spot, and I was wearing these trousers! They fit in my Le Chameau short boots, because they are a bit more slim fitting around the legs, but not tight and uncomfortable. Three cute dogs jumped up on me who were the original owner’s farm dogs sitting outside. 

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