10 Free Facebook Groups for Female Entrepreneurs–You’re Welcome

facebook groups for entrepreneurs

Entrepreneurship can be a lonely journey especially when you’re an online based business. There are so many Facebook groups to not only network in, but where you can find real people handing out hiring positions. I myself have received many offers for work, typically thinking I didn’t stand a chance. But after earning consistent clients in one day and over $1,000 in revenue, I knew I was on the right path.

These groups are perfect for those who want to build their network, connect with other female entrepreneurs, and all the things that help your business grow and stand out. 

It’s just a bit difficult to weed out the right female entrepreneurial groups, because there can be some low hanging fruit. Some are definitely more broke and desperate than others. Here’s the breakdown of free Facebook groups that were helpful to me creating my biz and establishing a steady career.

1. Societygal

This is where you want to be if you’re starting out, want to build a portfolio, or get free testimonials. Nobody here wants to pay you your full worth and will try to nickel and dime you from what you actually charge. It’s extremely low hanging fruit, and people always give me a hard time here, asking me to basically run their business for them for the pay of 10 minutes worth of work. Haha I sound bitter! Absolutely not. Just saying this is not ideal for consistent, work and you’re more likely to find opportunities on Fiverr. I deign to work in this group, but if you’re beta testing a project, this is perfect for vultures to fly at your offer.

2. Savvy SEO With Averi Melcher

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I was invited to this group personally by Averi Melcher herself. And I don’t mean she hunted me on Facebook and friended me to cold script a sale. I saw the ads for her course as I was dying for an SEO course. After a personalized free 30 min consultation, she invited me to this free group. Later that day, I bought her course, and was invited to her paid group. 

Moreover, I found so many freelance entrepreneurs and digital nomads. Literally. Travelers who make a living online. If you don’t have SEO for your business, blog, site, get on it now. These people helped guide me with all the best tools and tricks. How else are you going to not pay a marketer who works for you while you sleep? Because of this course + free group, I managed to create content (25-30 articles a month) from January to July 2021 in 3 days.

3. Successful Female Entrepreneurs

Maria Wendt created this powerhouse group of 50,900+ members. All female founders who are looking to 

→ brainstorm and strategize with other successful female entrepreneurs

→ get access to the latest & greatest tactics to grow your online business

→ hang out & network with other ambitious female business owners

→ learn how to easily get clients (quickly & consistently!)

She also has a ton of free trainings that guide you on how to monetize your Facebook groups, creating consistent clients, and so much more. This is definitely one of the more friendly groups with women genuinely interested in helping each other rather than self promotion or positive mindset wastes of time. Your technical support and business advice is welcome and shared here.

4. Babes For Success (Social Media Empowerment)

facebook groups for small businesses

Instagram is onto engagement pods and it’s quite frowned upon. You rather have people truly interested in what you have to offer who are die hard fans. Not people who feel obliged to. 

This group is full of female entrepreneurs who are trying to support each other through their other social platforms as Instagram, Facebook, Linkedin, Youtube, Blogging, Pinterest, TikTok, and LTK. They create daily threads for all kinds of engagement as long as you follow the people who run them–which I think is stupid. 

Nobody can post anything really in this thread unless you’re an admin. It’s really strict and you can’t share anything, even if you’re not trying to promote anything. It’s purely for likes, comments, and shares. Feels very forced to me, but some people are obsessed with it. I was in here for a short time, but found some awesome ladies who I connected with and support wholeheartedly off the group. It can be good to starting your business when you need eyes on your product and build your online presence, but I still think one should go the organic route.

5. The Product Boss

I used to listen to the podcast Jacqueline & Minna record, but it sounds very formulated. After a couple episodes, that was it. I can hear and feel them reading and probably even copying some cookie-cutter-textbook equation they learned about marketing in a business course. 

However, this group is one of my favorites, because even though I do not really have a product-based business anymore, they let you post freely. I love them so much for this which shoots these geniuses to the top of my list when it comes to Facebook groups. On top of that, I feel like you can get your most obscure questions answered here. AND every group and their mom has a service-based/mindset business group for females yet no product-based ones. This one rings the bell every time for me and there are all kinds of female entrepreneurs here who share more than they’re asked.

6. The Social Bungalow Community Hosted by Shannon Lutz

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A group favorite where 13.7k female business owners (as of December 2021) can properly network to the fullest degree. Here women give tons of value while testing their latest launches, and it doesn’t feel like a coach created the group to hock her own services. The hostess flatout reminds you to give, give, give, and contribute as much information included with your services as possible. Femme founders can actually breathe and even pick up some Instagram growth tips from Shannon.

7. Blogger + Influencer + Entrepreneur Resouces ⎸LadyBossBlogger

Perfect for the well-rounded entrepreneur! This fabulous group of ambitious ladies freely share their zones of genius with sharing links to their services. It’s an egalitarian space to share blog posts, instagram posts, landing pages and connect with bloggers + journalists. 

Elaine Rau is the founder who also has her own monetization course teaching bloggers how to reach out to brands (you learn that on my blog for free, ‘cause that’s the easy part), but goes deep on how to become a founder creating a dropshipping e-commerce enterprise, create a course to launch as a blogger, and all the deep insights of taxes and the administration part of biz. 

8. Goal Digging Boss Babes

Another one of those groups where you can feel the owner trying to reach for your wallet haha. I don’t feel comfortable entering this place as the faux Zoom backgrounds in her videos differ with the lower quality pixelated light shining on her face. 

Kimberly Olson wants you to network without you actually saying anything. She comandeers every single sentence on the discussion, because the group is only meant for her videos to create more leads. Nothing is wrong with that as it’s her group, but leave if you don’t want her coaching. Simple as that. The reason I have this on the list is because it taught me how many groups are like this that I need to avoid. It also showed me what people can be really after with misleading information about networking.

9. Create Your Dream Influencer Business

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If there is a Facebook group that makes me smile is this one. It’s simple and not trying to sell you anything except true connection. @strawberrychic on Instagram, is the owner of the page and everything from RewardStyle details, disclaimers for affiliate links, to any real-deal blogging queries are answered here. Community > competition thrives here as well as an inclusive array of bloggers hustling to help each other! Don’t be afraid to share your wins here, support fellow entrepreneurs, and grow your influence with all the tactics on the discussion board. 

10. Ladies of Los Angeles

The final one on the list for today is Ladies of Los Angeles. I mention this group because every city or town has a group dedicated to female entrepreneurs that meet up in person. It doesn’t have to be in a Facebook group, but if you google and search hard enough, you’ll find a bunch of wonderful women who want to connect and meet up. These gals support each other and definitely motivate me to show up. Not everyone is your cookie cutter entrepreneur, but all versions are welcome. Whether they have a lash biz, like your posts on Instagram, or even go do yoga together, find it in your local group. 

Every now and again there’s a promotion page. Ours is Sunday for the Los Angeles group. There you can post links of events and products/services to be sold. It’s so much fun, because we even created a group chat for those interested in making lasting friendships. 

I love roundups dropping honest facts on tools to help one thrive in such a difficult game. Being an entrepreneur in the digital world is so much fun, with so much to overcome, but I love it. What are some groups that have helped you connect with knowledge and actionable connections? Your feedback is everything.

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