10 Financial Commandments Every Woman Should Live By

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I love sharing incredible posts from other Femme Founders within The League. In case you don’t fully understand what it is, it’s where I share about other female entrepreneurs and their ventures. Within this network, you can find their services and products that not only help you, but also resources to be a stronger business woman.

I’m obsessed with finance news and listen to a few podcasts and audiobooks based on economics, international laws in nature, and all things money. I know, it’s intense.

Did you know that Millennials are the most financially illiterate generation all time? Literally compared to every generation in all lifetimes. Gen Z is actually known to be brilliant with their money. But Millennials just got screwed when it came to financial downturns in their time of development and financial education.

It’s important to know as human beings how to extend our resources as far as they can go to live a balanced life without conflict and suffering of knowing you can’t have the freedom to think of different options for yourself or your family. It’s tough!

I’ll the be the first to admit it. I struggled with money and as a millennial am trying to offset this pattern, by overcompensating in my financial habits. It ain’t easy and it’s expensive to look this cheap!

But I’ll do whatever I can to share it with my fellow women who are trying to build a business and shop for what they want, because we have to look good while we do it! We have rent to pay, and even families to support.

However, I found this simple breakdown that really explains the necessary nature of all things fiscal. Here are the things to know about money every woman should live by in this hilarious blog post that made me smile and share it with you all!

What are some things you like about Her First 100k? I’d love to know your thoughts on the blog, so I could offer you more money answers, advice, and even collaborate with this awesome blog!

What are some financial questions you have? No need to be shy. This is a safe space for Femme Founders to thrive and all it takes is asking a question to get your good habits started! Let’s find some answers, so leave your comments below! I always love hearing from you.

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Gia G. Dixon
Gia G. Dixon

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